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4 Tips for Having Sex After Giving Birth

4 Tips for Having Sex After Giving Birth – Having sex after giving birth may be something you are reluctant to do, at least for a while. However, the following things can be taken into consideration so that mothers are no longer afraid to have sex after giving birth.

Changes in physical and emotional condition after giving birth often make women feel less excited. Some women who have just given birth are even reluctant to have sex because they still feel insecure about their body shape.

A number of things that also often make a woman “lazy” to have sex after giving birth are pain in labor injuries, fatigue, lack of sleep, and anxiety about the demands of being a mother who has just begun.

Plus, if you are breastfeeding, the production of the hormone prolactin can also reduce your desire and desire to have sex.

Then When Can You Have Sex Again?

In general, having sex after giving birth is fine, as long as the postpartum period or bleeding after childbirth has ended. Usually, the puerperium ends about 3 weeks after delivery. However, there are some women who have a longer puerperium.

So why is it necessary to avoid sex until the puerperium ends? The goal is to make your reproductive organs recover faster and minimize the risk of infection in the uterus.

However, every woman has different readiness to be able to have sex again after giving birth. This has to do with their physical and emotional readiness. That is why, although it is permissible to return to intercourse after the puerperium is over, there are still no definite standards regarding when to have sex after giving birth.

If you are ready mentally but are still worried that your physical condition is not possible to have sex again, try to consider what method or method of labor you are undergoing.

Sex after childbirth is normal

If you give birth normally, it is advisable to postpone intercourse until the puerperium ends or until 6 weeks after delivery.

Sex after cesarean section or episiotomy

If you gave birth by caesarean section or underwent an episiotomy during normal delivery, the best time to have sex is after the suture wounds caused by this procedure have healed. The length of time you will recover depends on your physical condition and the wound care you have been doing afterward.

If you are in doubt, do a doctor’s examination and ask whether you are allowed to return to sexual intercourse or not after a normal delivery or after a caesarean.

So that Sex After Childbirth Runs Smoothly

While waiting for the recovery process after giving birth, you can practice Kegel exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles and vagina. Mother also needs to replenish the energy drained during childbirth by eating healthy and nutritiously balanced food.

If you feel sure to have sex again, to delay and distance your pregnancy, consider using contraceptives. The choice of contraception will be adjusted to the condition and needs of the mother. So, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor, huh.

Here are some things you need to know when deciding to have sex again after giving birth:

1. Sex can improve sleep quality

After giving birth, many things can disrupt your sleep time. In fact, adequate and quality sleep is needed so that mothers stay enthusiastic and can take care of your little one.

Well, one way you can do to improve sleep quality is to have sex with your husband. Therefore, as much as possible still take the time to have sex with your husband, Mother.

2. Accept changes in body shape

You may still feel less confident about your body shape after giving birth. Weight gain, a slightly enlarged stomach, and stretch marks around the stomach and thighs may make you reluctant to have sex with your husband.

However, do not be protracted by changes in body shape, huh, Bun. Mother must remain confident about having sex with her husband. If you are worried, don’t hesitate to open up to your husband and say anything that makes you less confident.

3. Sexual intercourse does not always have to be penetrative

After giving birth, you and your husband may hesitate to have sex until the stage of penetration. Relax, Mother, sexual satisfaction does not only have to be with penetration, really.

There are still many ways to enjoy intimate relationships. For example, Mother and husband can hug, kiss, and make small touches in sensitive areas.

However, you should avoid having oral sex on a woman’s intimate area for a few weeks after giving birth, because it can increase the risk of infection of the reproductive organs. In fact, it’s rare, vaginal oral sex can cause air embolism that can be life threatening to you.

4. Do foreplay

As much as possible, always warm up and foreplay before sex. This is so that mothers and husbands are more comfortable. If necessary, use lubricants. In addition to making it more comfortable, the use of lubricants can also reduce the risk of injury to the vagina during penetration.

That is the explanation of sexual relations after childbirth. If you and your husband still hesitate to return to sexual intercourse or if you feel pain during sexual intercourse, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

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