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3 Causes of Decreased Sex drive After Childbirth

3 Causes of Decreased Sex drive After Giving Birth

Windowofworld.com – After childbirth, I don’t know why I don’t want to have sex? Never mind, just imagine do not want. Actually, is this normal or not?

Women’s sexual arousal often goes up and down naturally. Compared to men, the sexual desire of women is indeed more susceptible to being influenced by many things, such as pregnancy, menopause, and certain drugs or diseases.

Is Sexual Desire Decreased After Childbirth?

After giving birth, both normal and by Caesarean section, you need time to recover. So, sexual intercourse is not recommended within 6 weeks after giving birth.

However, if after 6 weeks you did not want to have sex, you might be asking, is this normal or not?


Do not worry. Decreased sex drive after childbirth is normal, really. Decreased sex drive after giving birth can even last for months after giving birth.

Then, what is the cause of decreased sexual desire after childbirth?

In mothers who have just given birth, decreased sex drive can be caused by the following things:

1. Fatigue and lack of sleep

Since becoming a new mother, almost all of Mother’s time has been spent caring for and caring for Little One. No wonder this activity causes Mother to lack of sleep and fatigue.

Well, these two things can reduce Mother’s desire to just make out with a partner, let alone have sex. When you have free time, you might prefer to rest rather than making out with a partner.

2. Physical and hormonal changes

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. Stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and other areas may make you look less attractive. Mothers may also consider themselves not as sexy as before before becoming pregnant, so they end up feeling insecure in front of a partner.

Not to mention if you have to undergo an episiotomy during childbirth. Episiotomy scars on the vagina can also make you afraid to have sex.

In addition, during breastfeeding, your body will reduce the production of the hormone estrogen and increase the hormone prolactin to produce milk. Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen in the body can cause vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication. This certainly makes sexual intercourse more painful.

Breasts that are full of breast milk can make Mother uncomfortable when having sexual intercourse, because of fear that milk will leak.

3. Fear of getting pregnant again

Taking care of the baby is certainly very troublesome. What happens if you have to do it while pregnant? Without Mother realizing, thoughts like this can make you reject the invitation of a partner to have sex after giving birth, for fear of getting pregnant again.

In addition, during breastfeeding, menstruation Mother may be irregular or even no menstruation at all. This makes Mother difficult in determining the fertile period. As a result, Mother becomes afraid of having sex because the risk of getting pregnant again will be higher.

Well, now Mother has understood, right, why sexual arousal can decrease after giving birth? So, you don’t need to feel guilty, let alone worry. Mother’s sexual arousal will slowly return, really, after your body has recovered and your child is busy taking care of the child has begun to decrease.

Even so, stay open to your partner about how you feel, so there are no misunderstandings. If feeling reluctant to have sex after childbirth lasts for protracted, you should consult a doctor, yes, Mother.

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