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How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy?

How to Safely Have Sex During Pregnancy? – There is an assumption that having sex during pregnancy should not be done because it can lead to miscarriage. In fact, a survey on 830 pregnant women showed that 71% of women had sex during pregnancy. However, having sex during pregnancy also has rules.

Of the 830 pregnant women who took the survey, there were about 71% who stated that they remained intimate during pregnancy. While the remaining 29% do not have intercourse.

Sexual relations in addition to being beneficial for health can also strengthen the emotional bond between husband and wife. When orgasm, the body will release the hormone oxytocin or commonly called the love hormone, which has a positive impact on the mother and the fetus it contains. Orgasm can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (pelvis) and help the body deal with postpartum depression.

However, hormonal changes, nausea, and fatigue due to pregnancy can make sex drive decrease. Back pain and changes in body shape also make sex positions more difficult and tend to be uncomfortable to do. In addition, many couples are worried that having sex during pregnancy can hurt the fetus.

For those of you whose passion remains burning during pregnancy, having sex with a partner is fine. Observe the safety and sundries regarding sexual intercourse during pregnancy below.

Safety of Intimate Relations during Pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy is safe for both mother and fetus, as long as the pregnancy is normal. Normal pregnancy means you do not experience abnormalities or problems that endanger the safety of you and the fetus.

You also can still do various sex positions before pregnancy. However, as you get older, you may need to experiment with certain sex positions to adjust for changes in body shape. But if you are not sure, consult your pregnancy with your obstetrician or midwife.

Impact of Sexual Intercourse during Pregnancy

Fear of miscarriage is a concern for many couples not to have sex during pregnancy. In fact, most cases of miscarriages occur because the fetus is not developing normally, not because of the penetration made in sexual relations.

Orgasm and prostaglandins contained in male semen can indeed trigger uterine contractions. But, you dont have to worry. Various studies prove that this does not cause premature birth. Another study also states, sexual intercourse carried out near the estimated day of birth, has not been proven to trigger labor.

Sex will not hurt the baby. Babies are protected by sacs and amniotic fluid, as well as uterine wall muscles. In addition, thick mucus that covers the cervix helps protect the fetus from infection. During sexual intercourse, the penis only enters the vagina and does not reach the cervix. Therefore, your baby remains safe and protected.

When should sexual intercourse during pregnancy not be done?

Having sex during pregnancy is safe, unless your obstetrician or midwife states any abnormalities or problems in your pregnancy. There are several conditions where sexual penetration should not be carried out, including if there are:

  1. Miscarriage History.
  2. History of premature labor.
  3. Premature rupture of membranes.
  4. Sexually transmitted disease.
  5. Bleeding or reddish spots.
  6. Weakness in the cervix.
  7. Placenta previa.

Oral sex is safe, but make sure you and your partner are free from sexually transmitted diseases. During oral sex, tell your partner not to blow on the vagina. Although it is rare, air blowing in the vagina risks causing air embolism which can block blood flow. This condition will endanger the mother and fetus.

Also avoid anal sex. Anal sex that is followed by vaginal penetration can cause bacterial transfer from the anus to the vagina, which will then cause infection. This condition is certainly dangerous for the fetus.

Tips on having sex during pregnancy

When the womb is more than 20 weeks old, the size of the uterus will get bigger and begin to affect the size of your stomach as well. If you want to have sex during pregnancy, you can try some safe sex positions while pregnant.

Pain that is felt when having sex during pregnancy may be caused by changes in the position of the pelvic bones and muscles that become increasingly sensitive. If this happens, change positions to be more comfortable, especially positions where you can control penetration.

To ensure safety during sex, you can use condoms. Using a condom can prevent sexually transmitted diseases that can infect the mother and fetus. Avoid various kinds of sexual contact if you or your partner are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

If bleeding occurs, don’t panic. During pregnancy, the cervix does become more sensitive so this is very possible. Even so, even though a little blood comes out, you are advised to still consult a gynecologist, to ensure that the blood is not due to a serious problem.

So you don’t need to be afraid anymore. Having sex while pregnant remains safe, as long as you follow the various tips outlined above.

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