9 Popular Sex Tips from Experts You Can Try

9 Popular Sex Tips from Experts You Can Try

Windowofworld.comWhat are the sex tips to make it more enjoyable? Most people crave the perfect, passionate sex in the movies. In reality, sex can feel messy, disappointing to frustrating. These feelings may arise because sexual activity is not as expected.

Over time, your sexual desire and your partner may decrease. To make your sex life more enjoyable, consider 9 sex tips that you can try with your partner.

Sex tip # 1: Use Pancaindra

Activating your senses while in bed helps to make you focus on the sensations of your own body. Ignore the standard rules about how a sexual activity should be.

Train your senses to be more sensitive, instead of fixating on expectations about how an intimate relationship should work.

Sex Tip # 2: Not Just Penetration

Actually, sex is more than a penis-vaginal affair. For a better sensation, try outercourse, which includes anything from deep kisses, sensual touching, and erotic massages. If necessary, use a vibrator or other sex toy. Exploring every area of ​​your partner’s body is key to achieving pleasure.

Sex Tip # 3: Understand One Another’s Love Language

When the relationship in bed does not match your expectations, you may vent with anger because you feel your needs are not being met. Instead of doing something useless, it’s best to take the time to talk about each other’s desires.

Find some common ground and increase emotional closeness with your partner. Learn and express love in common actions couples take to create intimacy.

Sex Tip # 4: Don’t Compare Your Partner With Your Ex

Comparing partners with other people will actually create discomfort and even foster resentment. Also, don’t compare your sex life to what you see on television or in movies.

Instead, create interesting moments together to make new memories. Schedule a special event at a special place with your partner.

Sex Tip # 5: Know Your Body and Your Partner

Know more about your body and your partner. It is important to know which areas or actions arouse your or your partner’s sexual arousal. Then, tell the partner which body parts should be explored.

Sex Tip # 6: Know Your Limitations

You need to be able to recognize yourself, such as how much time, energy, and resources you can devote to yourself and your partner. That way, feelings of pressure will be reduced and your sexual life can be controlled as desired.

Sex Tip # 7: Show Your Attention

Show your partner that you care and care. You can text, call, or hug your partner. Holding your partner’s hand can also be a way to show your attention. Your sexual life will be more passionate when peppered with a sense of care for each other.

Sex Tip # 8: Set the Bedroom Atmosphere

To make you more comfortable and more excited about exploring something new, you need to get enough rest. Stop going to social media every night.

It’s a good idea to spend some quality time and experiment with sexual pleasures. You can replace the bedroom lights with dim lights or put aromatherapy candles in the bedroom or bathroom.

On special occasions, you can put flowers in your room or even chocolates on the bed for a more romantic atmosphere.

Sex Tip # 9: Exercise Regularly

Create more time for sexual intimacy with your partner. Adjust your schedule for more rest, relaxation, sexual activity, and exercise. Regular exercise can improve blood flow to the genitals to increase sexual arousal.

You can try all the sex tips above to get a more colorful sexual life with your partner. Discuss with your partner which tips are worth trying and how to live them. Good luck!

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