What is Sexual Disorder Exhibitionism?

What is Sexual Disorder Exhibitionism?

Windowofworld.com – Not long ago, social media was stirred up by the news of the terror of sperm throwing in some country. Experts suspect that the terrorist experienced sexual exhibitionism disorder. Actually, what is meant by sexual disorder exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism is a form of sexual deviation by exhibiting genitals in public places, especially to the opposite sex, to get sexual satisfaction. Most of the exhibitionists are men, although women can also experience this sexual disorder.

Exhibitionism is a part of paraphilia sexual disorder. Paraphilia is a drive, passion, fantasy, or sexual behavior that deviates by involving objects, activities, or situations that for people in general do not cause sexual arousal.

Someone will be diagnosed with sexual exhibitionism disorder if this behavior has been going on for at least 6 months and causes suffering, disturbance, or loss, both for the sufferer himself and others.

What Causes Sexual Disorders of Exhibitionism?

The cause of sexual disorder exhibitionism is not yet known with certainty. However, several factors are suspected to cause or increase a person’s risk of experiencing this disorder. However, these factors are still being debated and need further investigation.

The factors referred to are:

1. Genetic and neuropsychological factors

Disorders of sexual exhibitionism are thought to be caused by a disruption in fetal brain development from the womb.

2. Childhood trauma factors

Some events that cause trauma in childhood, such as sexual abuse, emotional suffering, and lack of attention and affection from parents, can also increase a person’s risk of exhibitionism. A distorted sexual fantasy can be a form of mechanism to overcome the childhood trauma (coping mechanism).

3. Other factors

Several other factors can also increase the risk of exhibit behavior, such as antisocial personality, alcohol abuse, and lack of self-confidence.

What are the Characteristics of Persons with Sexual Disorders of Exhibitionism?

Symptoms of exhibitionism sexual disorders usually begin to appear at the age of 15-25 years and begin to decrease with age. The following are the characteristics of sufferers of sexual disorders exhibitionism:

  • Feel satisfied when showing off genitals to strangers in public places. Some exhibitionism sufferers like to show off their genitals only to certain groups of people, for example young children or the opposite sex.
  • Sexual arousal arises when you see a victim feeling shocked, scared, or amazed, followed by masturbation. However, there is no purpose for physical contact or further sexual relations with the victim.
  • Tends to be difficult to start or maintain a relationship, both romance and friendship.
  • Not infrequently sufferers of exhibitionism also show symptoms of other paraphilia disorders and are considered to be hypersexual.

Is There Therapy for Sexual Disorders of Exhibitionism?

Not many sufferers of sexual exhibitionism who go to a psychiatrist or psychologist. They tend to hide their disturbances because they feel guilty, ashamed, or have financial and legal problems.

In fact, people with this disorder are encouraged to immediately get treatment, both medically and psychologically. This needs to be done before he endangers himself and others, or even commits a criminal act.

Excision therapy is performed by a psychiatrist with a choice of methods that vary, according to the severity of the disorder experienced by the patient. Some therapeutic methods that can be done are:

1. Psychotherapy

Through psychotherapy, sufferers will undergo individual or group counseling sessions. Some topics in the counseling are specific, such as the topic of marriage or family. Psychotherapy is expected to help sufferers to improve their behavior and ability to interact socially.

2. Drug therapy

The types of drugs given can be in the form of hormone suppressors, antidepressants, or mood control. These drugs generally work by reducing sexual drive, so that deviant sexual behavior can be suppressed.

Therapy for exhibitionism disorders is long-term and the success of therapy depends on each individual. If the patient has the desire to recover and become a better person, then the chances of successful therapy will be even greater.

Disorders of sexual exhibitionism can have an impact on personal, social and work life, to legal consequences. Although sufferers of exhibitionism do not aim to make further physical contact with the victim, but this should not be considered trivial because it can cause fear or psychological trauma to the victim, especially children.

If you witness exhibit behavior, the action you need to take is to immediately leave the scene and ask for help from other people or security officers around. Thus, sufferers of exhibitionism can be immediately secured and treated.

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