4 Ways to Deal with Victims of Sexual Harassment

Windowofworld.com – Experiencing sexual harassment is a nightmare for everyone. It is not uncommon for victims to choose to remain silent and keep the heartbreaking tragedy alone, for reasons of shame and fear of being blamed. Though it’s important to get help if you experience sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a sexual activity that is carried out by force. Various sexual activities can be classified as sexual harassment, this can include rape, oral sex, anal sex, kissing, and groping the body.

Impact of Sexual Harassment

Of the various victims of sexual harassment, not a few of them may experience physical and mental trauma after the heartbreaking incident. The impacts that generally occur on victims of sexual harassment include:

  • Cry often
  • Easy to get angry
  • Insecurity
  • Experiencing sleep disorders
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis)

In addition, a very worrying impact of sexual harassment is depression which can lead to the risk of suicide.

What Sexual Harassment Victims Need to Do?

For those of you who have experienced sexual harassment, don’t just shut up and shut down. Here’s what you should do:

1. Tell the closest person

At times like these, you can’t bear all the burdens alone. Tell and let go of all your complaints to the people closest, whether family or friends.

2. Checking health

You don’t know what the perpetrator’s health condition is. It could be that he is suffering from a dangerous contagious disease. Immediately visit the hospital to get checked out if you have a sexually transmitted disease. Perform regular examinations and treatments so that the disease can be treated and does not develop. You will also be asked to do examinations or tests to find out whether you are pregnant or not. Most women are given emergency contraceptive pills that can prevent you from becoming pregnant.

3. Get counseling

After experiencing sexual harassment, you are advised to get counseling to restore your psyche. Sexual harassment is an experience that can be traumatic for a person.

4. Report the incident to the authorities

Maybe you are embarrassed or afraid if there are many parties who know about your condition. However, reporting to law enforcement is highly recommended in order to punish the perpetrator and so that this incident does not happen to other people.

Here’s what you need to do when you want to report incidents of sexual harassment to the police:

  • Prepare all evidence, such as clothes or sheets. It is advisable not to wash the object after the incident.
  • If you find the perpetrator’s belongings that were left behind, you can save them as evidence.
  • Tell me everything that happened at the time of the sexual harassment, such as the place, time, characteristics of the offender (or if you know the perpetrator, you can say his name), and what the offender said.
  • After making a report, the authorities will escort and can provide a request for a post mortem examination

It’s not easy to forget traumatic events like sexual harassment. However, taking the steps above can prevent you from health risks and major depression. Consult a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist for proper treatment.