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6 Causes and Treatment of Sick During the Holidays


6 Causes and Treatment of Sick During the Holidays

Windowofworld.com – Everyone will want to take advantage of the holiday moment for fun. But have you ever actually been sick during the holidays? It must be very annoying. Well, so that your vacation feels fun, let’s find out why and how to prevent sick during the holidays.

In general, sick during the holidays is caused by fatigue or the unpreparedness of the body to deal with climate change, weather, or different conditions in a new place from where you come from. Therefore, careful preparation is very important to do before you go on vacation, including physical preparation.

Causes of Sick During The Holidays

When viewed from a medical and psychological perspective, sick during the holidays is very natural. The causes are very diverse and you may not realize it, or you often ignore it. Some factors that can cause sick during the holidays include:

1. Eating patterns change

Eating foods that are not normally consumed daily can make your metabolism change. Especially when on vacation you tend to consume more unhealthy foods, such as fast food or foods that are not hygienic, causing digestive disorders, such as diarrhea.


2. Leisure sickness

There are people who rarely get sick on a stressful work day, but instead get sick while on holidays. This condition is known as leisure sickness. In patients with leisure sickness, the pressure obtained in the office actually strengthens the immune system, so that the body is always awake until the work is done. But when the holidays arrive and the pressure is gone, his physical condition will decrease and get sick.

3. Too much activity

During the holidays, especially religious holidays, most Indonesians will visit relatives to visit. This activity can use up a lot of energy, especially if you are going home or visiting relatives who live outside the city.

4. Jet lag

If you go home traveling abroad in a different time zone, jet lag can be very tiring and can make you sick. This time difference can affect the hours of sleep, digestive system and bowel patterns, and mental and physical condition in general.

5. Swim in a contaminated pool

Swimming or bathing in a pool whose water is contaminated during the holidays, can make you exposed to certain bacteria. This incident can occur when you swim in public places. When infected with bacteria, your physical condition will decrease and your vacation can be disrupted. If the water is contaminated with certain chemicals, you can also experience symptoms of skin or eye irritation, and symptoms of poisoning if swallowed, such as vomiting.

6. Stress affects the immune system

Stress, lack of drinking, and lack of sleep affect the immune system, making you easily sick. This stress can start when you try to finish work before the holidays, or it can also occur during the holidays.

Do it this way so that your vacation fun

Although there are many factors that can cause sick during the holidays, you don’t need to worry. Because, you can avoid getting sick while on vacation and can still have fun. In the following ways:

1. Immunization

Before traveling to your destination, it’s a good idea to immunize, or take preventive treatment beforehand. Because, there are certain diseases that may be quite common in the area. So it’s good if you find out in advance, whether your vacation destination includes an endemic area of ​​a disease, and consult prevention steps with your doctor. Giving vaccines through immunization will prevent you from getting sick during the holidays.

2. Consumption of healthy foods

So that your immune system is maintained during the holidays, you should eat healthy foods to increase stamina which contains carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in magnesium and omega-3s, such as salmon and spinach. You can also take additional supplements as directed by your doctor, to maintain endurance.

3. Ensure food hygiene

If you have doubts about the cleanliness of food or drinks at your vacation spot, it is better to consume food or drinks in sealed packages. If necessary, you can also cook for yourself so that cleanliness and nutrition is guaranteed.

4. Don’t forget to exercise

Vacation does not mean to always mean lazing. Sports and active moves, such as swimming, can be a fun and healthy activity during the holidays.

5. Always maintain a clean body

To reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria on planes, trains, swimming pools, or other public places, try to always wash your hands. Washing hands can help reduce the risk of contracting the disease after you touch an object in a public place or shake hands with other people.

6. Get enough rest

To reduce the effects of jet lag that may occur, prepare yourself with adequate rest before and during the trip to the vacation spot. Eating healthy food and avoiding alcoholism throughout the trip can help reduce the risk of jet lag.

So when going on vacation, not just tickets or items that need to be prepared, yes. Body health also needs to be considered so that everything you have prepared is not in vain. With careful preparation, you don’t need to worry about having sick during the holidays. Have a nice holiday!

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