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Side Effects of Frequent Bathing with Antiseptic Soap


Side Effects of Frequent Bathing with Antiseptic Soap

Windowofworld.com – Bathing with antiseptic soap is considered cleaner. In fact, there is a danger of antiseptic soap when used too often. Here are the side effects.

During the corona virus pandemic, antiseptic soap was the target of many people. This type of soap is said to be more effective at killing bacteria and viruses that stick to the body. But unfortunately, antiseptic soap is not recommended to be used every day.

The reason is, there is a danger of antibiotic soap that will harm you. This soap contains silver ions which are used in the health sector and are effective as antimicrobials. So, if you say antiseptic soap is effective at killing viruses and bacteria thoroughly, that’s right.

However, back to each skin type. Not all antiseptic soaps are suitable for use. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you should think about using antiseptic soap again because it can cause your skin to feel hot and dry.

So, what are the effects of antiseptic soap that need to be watched out for? Here’s the explanation:

1. Risk of Interfering with Hormonal Changes

Reporting from Life Health, the triclosan content in antiseptic soap can increase testosterone-producing genes in the body. These studies have been demonstrated in mice.

It’s just that, further study is needed to find out the truth of this one side effect in humans.

2. Increases the Risk of Allergies

The dangers of antiseptic soap that are used too often and repeatedly are at risk of causing allergies. Again, the triclosan compound plays a role in this.

Triclosan compounds are thought to have side effects on the human immune system. When met with bacteria, these compounds can mutate and inhibit the immune system to eradicate attached bacteria.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some of you will experience allergic effects after using antiseptic soap.

3. Make Your Skin Dry

Again, triclosan in antiseptic soap is the culprit for making the skin dry. According to dr. Reza Fahlevi, one of the side effects that is often experienced by many people when using antiseptic soap is dry skin.

Not only that, this dry skin can cause redness and inflammation of the skin.

4. Potential to give birth to new bacteria

The triclosan in antiseptic soap also contains several bacteria. If used too often, this content can later give birth to new bacteria.

In fact, the presence of these bacteria can later reduce the overall effectiveness of the antiseptic soap. So, don’t use this product too often, huh!

5. Has no more use than ordinary soap

According to several studies, antibacterial soap does not have more benefits than regular soap. This soap can only kill bacteria or viruses.

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In fact, regular body soap is considered to have more advantages. Even so, it doesn’t mean that antiseptic soap can’t be used at all.

Knowing the facts about the dangers of antiseptic soap above, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all. This soap can still be used as long as it is used properly, namely:

  • Don’t rub the soap on the body too quickly.
  • Use running water for bathing.
  • Clean the body thoroughly until between the toes and hands.
  • Avoid using on the face area.
  • Use a moisturizer after showering.

“Actually, antiseptic soap has both positive and negative sides. The positive side is that this soap can kill germs better, especially for those who work dirty, or have a lot of activities outside the home, “said dr. Reza.

“The drawback is that this soap can dry out the skin and reduce the amount of normal skin flora,” he added.

Doctor Reza suggested, if you want to use an antiseptic soap, you should choose one that contains a moisturizer.

“Or immediately apply a moisturizer after bathing with antiseptic soap,” said dr. Reza Fahlevi again.


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