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6 Tips for Raising a Single Child

6 Tips for Raising a Single Children – If in the past one family could have 10 or more children, now it is not uncommon for couples who only have one children, aka a single child.

Currently having a single child can be considered normal. Many couples choose to raise an only child, because it is caused by economic factors, the rising cost of living, and also the factor of infertility.

Pros and Cons of Having a Single Children

A study revealed that about half of single children are more likely to suffer from being overweight. However, it all depends on how parents take care of their children. If they give children a balanced nutritious diet, and adopt a healthy lifestyle, then the child will not be obese.

However, if parents are obese, then the possibility of their children, both single and not, will be at high risk of obesity. Apart from the possibility of genetic factors, this is also influenced by eating habits in the house.

Some psychologists prefer to have more than one child, if it is still considered capable. This relates to problems in the psychology child of single child. Many consider that the closeness between siblings in childhood can affect social-emotional understanding, cognitive abilities, and psychological development of children. This is not owned by a single child.

However, for those of you who are destined to have a single child, there is no need to be discouraged. There are still many ways for optimal single child development, even though they do not have siblings.

Tips for Raising a Single Children

For those of you who only have a single child, you can apply the following tips so that your child’s development remains optimal even without siblings:

  1. Encourage children to socialize with their friends. You can invite your little cousins ​​and friends to play at home. Let it interact with many people from an early age to have social skills.
  2. Free your child to do all the positive things themselves so that creativity and independence of children develop.
  3. Don’t force children to do something they don’t want. Do not also force your will, like asking him to attend various lessons.
  4. Involve children in conversation or discussion, to enrich their vocabulary and knowledge.
  5. Get your child involved in activities outside the home. Besides being able to socialize with many people, he can also find any activities that are of interest to him.
  6. Encourage your child to share, help each other, or become a volunteer, so that empathy in him can grow.

Every child is unique and different, both single child or children who have many siblings. What is important is the guidance and direction of parents in educating and teaching children to be able to understand their role, both in the family and in the community. If necessary, take advantage of child psychology consulting services to get recommendations on how to educate and raise the right single child.

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