Sit back and remember

Why is it any vacation, time off or event, someone is sick? Are they planning this? I was thinking and remembering today, and it has come to my attention that every function I ever attended had at least one of my family members who had sniffles.

I was 7 years old. It was Christmas time, and I was sick with my attachment. It was a good one. Is this coincidence? Or is there a greater anger outside that enjoys suffering in times of joy. We must find him and tell him that we are NOT impressed.

Timing is everything. There is a point in every person’s life where everything goes wrong, and all you can do is see and see how it happens. But maybe that’s a good thing. If nothing goes wrong, we will not know what’s right. Perhaps we must change the tears of helplessness in tears of joy. It would be strange. “I love it if I get scarlet fever.” Woops.

Here is a good one. This time, evil chose to be more mean than ever. I will tell you the holiday after telling you what happened. I had the chickenpox, my youngest sister had the chickenpox, my other sister had scarlet fever, and my parents shared the flu. Hear here …. Thanksgiving. That’s right. Usually at bedtime we go round the table and thank you for everything for which you are grateful. What a task. I was grateful for oatmeal bath!

It is funny how we are tested in such ironic ways. The outcome of our battles with nature shows what kind of person we can become, but what happens during the struggle defines what kind of person we really are.