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Some Facts About Tsunamis

Some Facts About Tsunamis

Windowofworld.comTsunamis; We are all very shocked recently by what happened in parts of Asia on 26 December 2004, just one day after the joyous Christmas Celebration in a paradise-like place on Phuket and on the island of Sri Lanka. It was a major tragedy with the death toll reaching around 135,000 now and leaving many injured, homeless and struggling to survive.

Here are some facts you might want to know about tsunamis:

– Before the first wave of the tsunami hits, the coastline recedes drastically and can even open up the seabed or ocean and dry up many fish. If you happen to see this, never let your curiosity overtake you and immediately run to higher ground.

– A tsunami can be a series of waves and most of the first waves are the lighter waves of all.

– Tsunamis only affect shallow waters or coastal areas. When a tsunami hits an area of ​​deep water, it only appears as a large mean ocean wave. The physics of a tsunami shows that when it propagates into shallow water, its height increases even up to a hundred meters (100 m) in extreme cases.

– Earthquakes are not the only cause of Tsunamis, Tsunamis can also be generated from meteorites falling in large waters, volcanic eruptions, landslides, or from any event that displaces large amounts of water.

– Domestic or wild animals can almost detect an approaching tsunami. As observed from the Tsunami that hit 26 December 2004, the statistics of animals affected by the Tsunami are very small, even negligible compared to human casualties. Scientists and zoologists attribute this to the sharp, tuned and sensitive senses of animals compared to humans.

– Tsunamis can also be detected earlier with Tsunameter, a device that can detect oncoming Tidal Waves. Unfortunately, only a few countries can afford this device. Sri Lanka had considered acquiring it but the project was unsuccessful.

These are just some of the facts you may want to know about tsunamis. Tsunamis are deadly and can cause the destruction of life, property and even entire places. The best weapon against authentic and unstoppable events of this kind is a public that is well educated and informed so that even if property can be washed away, lives can still be saved.

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