7 Ways to Get Rid of Sores That Have Marks

Windowofworld.com – Having sores on certain body parts is indeed very annoying, especially for those of you who care about appearance. The reason is, a skin that is tainted will look dirty, thereby reducing self-confidence. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of scars that you can try.

The formation of sores on the skin is actually a normal process when the wound gradually recovers. Behind the ulcer, new skin tissue will form.

The color and texture of the newly formed skin may differ from the surrounding skin so that it will leave marks when a scab is peeled off. Ulceration can or does not depend on the type of wound, the depth and location of the wound, and wound care when formed ulceration.

Ulceration can indeed cause itching. However, you are not advised to scratch or peel the scabs because they can interfere with the healing process of the wound and risk causing infection in the wound, which will then cause a scab.

How to get rid of sores that have marks?

There are several ways to get rid of scars. The following methods are effective enough to even out skin tone while reducing the appearance of scars:

1. Scar removal cream

One fairly effective way to get rid of scars is to use a scars removal cream. In general, scar removal cream can be divided into two types, namely bleaching cream and tanning cream.

Bleaching cream functions to fade dark scars, while tanning cream serves to darken scars that are white or lighter than skin color.

However, the use of scar removal cream should not be arbitrary and must be in accordance with the doctor’s recommendation, both the type, dosage, how to use it, and the time period for its use.

2. Laser therapy

Another way to get rid of scabs that cause scars in the form of black spots is with a laser beam. Laser therapy can break down pigmented deposits in scars without having to remove the overlying skin layer. However, laser therapy may have to be done several times until the scars disappear.

3. Skin grafts

Skin grafts (skin grafts) are also effective for removing stained scabs, if the area to be treated is large enough, for example in burns. This procedure is done by taking a healthy skin from another part and then grafted it into the area of ​​the skin that has scars.

4. Corticosteroid injections

Sometimes, sores can cause prominent scars. The way to get rid of scabs with scars like this is with corticosteroid injections.

Corticosteroids injected directly into the scar can soften and deflate the protruding scar. Usually, corticosteroid injections are used to remove hypertrophic scars and keloids.

However, corticosteroid injections cannot be done only once. It takes several injections at regular intervals over a period of time long enough to make the scars flatten with the surrounding skin.

5. Tattoos

Tattoos can also be used to disguise streaks with marks. The most common way is to make a tattoo in the form of an image that can cover scars. However, actually it could also tattoo scars using a color similar to the color of the surrounding skin.

6. Vitamin E

In addition to protecting cells from free radicals, vitamin E can also be used to get rid of stained scabs. This is because vitamin E is known to be able to shorten scar recovery times and eliminate pigmentation in dark colored scars.

7. Camouflage cosmetics

The last way is with cosmetic camouflage. This method is of course only able to remove scabs for a while by disguising the color or appearance. To cover and disguise a scar that has a trace, you can use makeup, such as foundation and concealer.

Ways to get rid of scabs above can you make a choice to fade scars. However, different types of scab scars certainly differ also how to overcome them. Therefore, consult with a dermatologist to find out the most effective and safe way.