Spanish Immigrant Demonstrates; “Illegal” Not In Spanish Dictionary

Spanish immigrants demonstrated by the thousands about what they claim are their right to become citizens of the land of the gringo.

While welcoming the efforts of all who want to become a citizen of our free and impenetrable nation, we pointed out that no distinction is made between immigrants who live in peaceful lawfulness and those who do it with anxious illegality.

We looked at the case and discovered that the word is illegal in the Spanish dictionary. We have entered the English version of the controversial term in an online Spanish-English dictionary, which gave the following results: Spanish Matches: Sorry, no Spanish matches were found.

It was too easy to give an explanation of the countrywide consideration of the subject as mom, so we decided we had pursued the matter unfinished and went back. We then learned that there is indeed a Spanish word for illegal, but, as expected, it was spelled slightly differently than it is in Ingles, as ilegal.

We were also able to determine that the entire illusory concept in the language of the protesters is inmigrant ilegal.

Why did we wonder, did the distinction not receive at least one point from the sombrero?

Of course, we immediately realized that many of the illegal immigrants in America were so long that they forgot the Spanish term for themselves.

Once we understood the nature of their budding condition, we immediately felt indisputable sympathy for them. Imagine just feeling home in a country where you are not only welcome as a full-fledged citizen, but still just another inmigrant ilegal.

Is there an intelligent way to solve the border dispute? And by the way, we take intelligence to include mutual consideration. We even think about the welfare of the subordinate companies that have become accustomed to the low wages that will flush these indisputable noble wannabes?

Here is our charitably inclusive resolution. We agree to legalize all legally legal only by hook or underground demolition and will probably never return. His walk will delight them.

In return, those who could scrape enough money to buy fake paper, to return to their Spanish homeland, which will make those who resist their presence at least less violent.

Finally, as we all know that the inmigrant ilegals who agree to leave come back as soon as they can buy another set of workable papers, the American companies that are dependent on paying a wage that is an outrage , such as Tyson Foods and Whatever Farms, will rest content. Certainly, they and the US economy as a whole can come together for the relatively short period in which a handful of deportees themselves are legally out of the country.

The only other intelligent approach we can think of is to sustain the inmigrants one by one and to start with citizenship proceedings for all those who seem to be fair, hardworking people, and all those who appear to be unfair hardworking criminals.