12 Ways to Overcome Split Ends

Healthy hair will look shiny because the cuticle layer is able to reflect light. Conversely, when damaged, hair can look dull, feel dry, and even have split ends. To keep your hair shiny and beautiful, here are some ways to deal with split ends.

Hair consists of three layers, namely the inner layer or medulla, then the cortex that surrounds the medulla, and the hardest outer layer is the cuticle. The cuticle layer protects the inner layer of hair from sunlight, heat, chlorine, and all other harmful substances. This part of the hair cuticle is prone to damage due to various external exposures. When damaged, the inside of the hair becomes unprotected.

Causes of split ends

Split ends can be caused by the habit of drying your hair with a hairdryer or hairdryer, combing your hair excessively, fixing your hair, curling and straightening your hair with chemical drugs, or coloring your hair, both highlighting and bleaching your hair.

How to deal with split ends?

To get healthy and shiny hair, of course there must be an effort to be made. Here are some ways to deal with split ends.

1. Cut the ends of the hair

Do it regularly every 6-8 weeks. If not cut, the branches can propagate further and cause more damage.

2. Avoid chemicals

The biggest cause of hair damage is the use of chemicals that are not suitable for hair care. Shampoos containing mineral oil and petrolatum should also be avoided as they prevent moisture from absorbing into the hair layers.

3. Not brushing or combing hair too often

Excessive combing of hair can damage hair due to the friction it causes. In addition, too often braiding or tying your hair can cause hair breakage.

4. Hair scissors regularly

Regular cutting of hair can protect the ends of the hair from damage. The tips of the hair that are clipped regularly can stimulate hair to grow healthier and not break easily.

5. Avoid using hot tools for hair

These tools include blow drying, flat iron, or hair curling iron. Occasionally styling your hair with this tool may be fine, but it is recommended not often.

6. Use serum or heat protection spray

Special ingredients to protect hair from heat, you can use before using the hair dryer or want to style your hair.

7. Do not bleach frequently

The technique of dyeing hair with bleaching, which is to bleach the hair first before dyeing, can damage the strength of the hair. Bleaching changes the structure of the hair and makes it prone to breakage, because in this process a chemical is infused into the cuticles to remove the hair’s natural pigments. If you blow dry your hair that has been bleached, your hair will really get damaged.

8. Use a hair conditioner before going to bed at night

After applying conditioner to your hair, go to bed with a hair cap or cover the pillow with a towel so that it does not stain the bed. Do it once a week.

9. Gently towel dry the hair

After shampooing, gently towel dry your hair, or just wrap your hair in a towel until dry.

10. Using special hair care products

Hair care products that contain olive oil, glycerin, shea butter, or sorbitol are believed to help treat split ends.

11. Avoid hot sun

Choose hair care products that provide protection from the sun. Also, wear a hood or hat when walking on hot days.

12. Inadequate hair nutritional needs

Eat spinach and carrots for vitamin A, salmon for omega-3s, shellfish and cashews for zinc. Plus, whole grains, low-fat products, and vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals to help keep hair and scalp healthy. Lack of nutrients can make hair look dull and limp, and even fall out.

Sometimes, hair breakage such as split ends or dry hair can be a sign of a health problem, such as hyperthyroidism or an eating disorder. If your hair is damaged even though you take good care of it and don’t use chemicals for your hair, you should check with your doctor to see if you have any medical conditions.