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SSL certificate requirements for online ordering sites

SSL certificate requirements for online ordering sites

Customers are worried about their safety and they look for the padlock icon in the lower right of your browser

Why do websites with online ordering require SSL?

The SSL certificate ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser will remain private and confidential. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect customers’ online transactions and their valuable information.


SSL certificates help customers make quick decisions and they tend to make online orders because they develop trust between you and your visitors.
To meet privacy, security and safety standards and to protect personal and sensitive data.
Secure Socket Layer helps increase your company’s visibility and accountability.
SSL certificates are the most preferred method for secure credit card transactions and other sensitive data.
SSL ensures the security of your credit card information when your customers order online.
SSL makes your customer information safe and secure from third parties.
SSL encrypts your customer’s name, credit card number, and expiration date before they send over the Internet, which guarantees the security of payments made for online orders.
SSL on your website shows your concern for the safety of your customers, which builds a positive image and goodwill.

The consequences of not using an SSL Certificate on an online ordering website –

Before making an online order, visitors check the availability of SSL, which can be proven through

The padlock symbol is at the bottom of your browser
The URL address shown above will begin with https: //
Check the File and then Properties of your website which will confirm that your browser and website share the same security attributes.

Protecting your customer’s credit cards and your customer’s valuable personal information is our number one priority which can only be done through SLS certificates. If you will not respect the security of your customers, that can result –

Your prospective customers will go to your competitors and place an order.
Hackers and criminals can track valuable information.
Your prospective customers may lose trust in you which can jeopardize your good intentions.
This can reduce the conversion rate of your visitors and can affect you on all profits

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