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Starting Business Promotional Campaigns


Starting Business Promotional Campaigns

So you start a small business. You figured out what you wanted to sell or do, and went out and set it all up, set up your DBA and had it on the wall, and now it just needs someone to buy your product or use your service. Right?

How do you go about letting your public know that you even exist?

Promote! Promote! Promote!

It sounds simple, but says a financial specialist, a boatbuilder or llama farmer. They probably did not learn the basics of starting small business promotional campaigns in the boatbuilder’s school. What do you need to know, and how can you manage it?

Let’s start with the basics of promotion:

What is promotion?

Promotion n. Anything, such as advertising, public performances, etc., that is done to a person, product, event, etc. To publish (get the attention or interest of the public). The New Websters Concise Dictionary2003 Encyclopedic Edition


Why are you promoting?

The purpose of promotion is to make sure people know you do business. You promote, because if you don’t, you won’t do it in the business world. You are promoting because it is communication that you need to survive. You promote in order to raise or raise the public’s attention for your products or services. You promote because if you don’t, no one will know that you exist and no one will buy from you, and then you get the point.

How do you promote?

There are more ways than you would ever think. Have you ever heard someone say: I never promote and am always busy, or need not promote; all my business comes from word of mouth? They may not be aware of how they are doing, but I promise they will promote somewhere. Maybe they just go around and tell everyone they talk to, what they don’t promote. (Sounds funny? It still promotes.) Maybe their larger water tap with a larger lifespan in front of their store attracts so much attention that they have nothing else to do. Here are some ideas you can do on purpose to run your business.

-> Greeting your customers with a smile is a great place to start.

-> Calling your customers after they have had the opportunity to use your product is a great way to promote that you care about their experience with your organization. It can also create an opportunity to make more sales.

-> A neatly packaged product, the delivery label straight, promotes your pride in what you do.

-> Always keep up-to-date brochures or catalogs about your business in your reception area for people to see and take with them.

-> If you have clients in your business, make sure they are welcomed, professional and immediately welcomed.

Everything that gets the public’s attention or interest in the business, its employees, its products or services (in a positive way) is promotion.

But how can you go about promoting the mass?

Here’s a story that can save thousands of dollars for marketing and promotion, as well as months or years of experience.

I worked as a director of communications and promotion in a medium-sized business. We were fortunate enough to have our own commercial printing press, which put out very nice letters, catalogs, brochures and other promotional articles. And yes, envelopes to put it in. My full-time press man and his helpers spent several days. every week everything is printed, cut, folded and sent to the post office.

There they had machines that automate filling, sorting, addressing and stamping. Overall, everything is going very well. We sent out about 40,000 pieces a week at a cost of $ 10,800.00 and got about 120 to 140 good leads a week. On average, it generated 2 new sales per week for a product that cost about $ 12,000, and signed an income of about $ 45,000 more. We didn’t grow quickly, but we made money.

THEN911 hit. “

Suddenly nobody wanted to open envelopes. Our leads fell into nothing. We were on our way to our own disaster as so many other companies did. I knew I had to promote, but what did it do if nobody reads it!

I talked to the owner of the post office, and he suggested that they use POSTCARDS instead of letters. So we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I had a lot less money to donate to the promotion, which is why I start sending about 20,000 postcards weekly. The total cost per piece, with only one day of press, half the work at the post office and a substantial reduction in the postage, was reduced by about 60%.

What was the result? Try 120 to 140 leads a week!


-> You do not need to open a postcard!

-> You see it immediately; the bright picture is not hidden by the envelope.

-> The message immediately jumps out and you can’t ignore it or throw it in the trash (the fate of many junk mail).

Postcards are the best medium to reach new customers as they embark on a promotional campaign for small businesses.

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