Study Reveals Covid-19 Can Last 30 Minutes in an Elevator

Study Reveals Covid-19 Can Last 30 Minutes in an Elevator
Study Reveals Covid-19 Can Last 30 Minutes in an Elevator

Study Reveals Covid-19 Can Last 30 Minutes in an Elevator – Particles laden with Covid-19 can last up to 30 minutes in an elevator if the door is closed. This was revealed in a study conducted by the UvA Institute of Physics and the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

According to the study, Aerosol can last for 10-20 minutes in an elevator during normal operation. This time interval can be drastically reduced if the lift is left open for a few minutes.

“We found that during such normal operation, it would take 12 to 18 minutes before the number of Aerosol particles decreased by a factor of one hundred. “When the lift door is permanently open, this time is reduced to two to up to minutes,” said Daniel Bonn, one of the study’s lead researchers, as reported by Al Arabiya.

The researchers were able to simulate a series of coughs using a specially designed spray nozzle that they spray in controlled amounts of droplets. To detect Aerosols in an elevator, researchers used a laser to light up the Aerosol particles and count them.

In the study, researchers recommended that elevator doors be left open for longer periods of time if possible and for people to avoid talking, and coughing in elevators or wearing appropriate face masks to avoid transmission.

“As it turned out, the vents in all the elevators studied were in a stationary position automatically shut off, after a minute or two. This course can easily be extended by reprogramming the action control software, “said Cees van Rijn, co-researcher of the study.

“In most hospital lifts, the ventilator is on the ceiling and directs air from the cabin to the lift shaft. A possible action is to reverse the direction of the ventilator flow, creating a flow of fresh air down from the ceiling to the floor of the elevator cabin, “added van Rijn.

Until now, the world is still grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of countries are even preparing to face the second wave of this deadly virus. Meanwhile, the city of Wuhan, which is the source of the infection, is now reported to have entered a normal period.

Meanwhile, two patients with Covid-19 in two European countries have reportedly been reinfected by the virus. The report raises concerns about people’s immunity to Covid-19, as the world struggles to tame the pandemic.

The cases, in Belgium and the Netherlands, follow reports in late August by researchers in Hong Kong of a man there who contracted Covid-19 again after four and a half months of being declared cured, the second first documented infection. This man was reported to have contracted another type of Covid-19.


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