3 Easy Ways to Overcome Fetal Growth Is Stunted

3 Easy Ways to Overcome Fetal Growth Is Stunted

Windowofworld.com – Doctors state that fetal growth is stunted when ultrasound is performed? Don’t panic yet, pregnant women! There are several ways you can do to prevent this condition from continuing.

Fetal growth is considered stunted if the fetus is smaller when compared to gestational age. This will be assessed by a doctor via ultrasound. Stunted fetus growth will be assessed by lower body weight, a small volume of amniotic fluid, and weak fetal movement.

Causes of Stunted Fetal Growth

This condition, also known as IUGR or intrauterine growth restriction, is often caused by a disruption in the placenta. Because when the placenta is disrupted, the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by the fetus can not be channeled properly. This will hamper its growth.

In addition, stunted fetal growth can also be triggered by health problems experienced by pregnant women, such as poor nutrition in pregnancy, hypertension, kidney disorders, heart disorders, anemia, and diabetes.

Unhealthy lifestyles are also often associated with stunted fetus growth. Some unhealthy habits during pregnancy related to this include smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and drug abuse.

How to Cope with Stunted Fetal Growth?

Stunted fetal growth can only be known through pregnancy checks by a gynecologist. That is why pregnant women is recommended to always keep the control schedule to the obstetrician.

If this condition is detected at 34 weeks of gestation or more, your doctor may suggest an induction to accelerate labor. The goal is that the baby can be immediately given the intensive care and treatment needed.

However, if stunted fetus growth has been detected early or before the pregnancy reaches 34 weeks of age, your doctor may recommend tighter pregnancy monitoring.

Pregnant women may need to have their pregnancy checked more often by a gynecologist. This aims to ensure the fetus can catch up with its growth.

In addition, the doctor may also advise pregnant women to do the following things to support the growth of the fetus in the womb:

1. Eat healthy foods

During pregnancy, eating healthy and balanced nutritious food is a simple way that can help the growth of the fetus. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, low-fat milk, and wheat-based foods.

Well, especially if after being examined the growth of the fetus is said to be stunted, don’t ignore this suggestion, pregnant women doesn’t want fetal growth to be further stunted because of neglect to adhere to this suggestion?

2. Get enough rest

Pregnant physical condition is very influential on the growth and development of the fetus. If pregnant women are healthy and fit, then the development of the baby in the womb will go well.

One way to keep pregnant women fit is to get enough rest. Pregnant women are advised to get enough sleep for about 8 hours every day. If possible, take time to take a nap for 1-2 hours.

In certain conditions, the doctor may suggest that pregnant women are more in a lying position to maintain the condition of the fetus in the womb. This is referred to as bed rest or bed rest. If so, pregnant women is recommended to ask the doctor about what she can and should not do during bed rest.

3. Apply a healthy lifestyle

If pregnant woman is a smoker or likes to consume alcoholic drinks, then stop this habit once declared pregnant. Pregnant women don’t want it, this habit causes stunted fetal growth?

Once again, so that pregnant women fetal growth is not obstructed, pregnant women must adopt a healthy style and don’t forget to always take vitamins prescribed by the doctor. In order to monitor fetal development properly, check the pregnant woman’s content to the obstetrician at least every two to six weeks.

Stunted fetal growth should not be ignored and must be addressed immediately so as not to progress to more serious conditions, such as babies born with low weight and babies born with congenital abnormalities.

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