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5 Causes and Treatment of Swollen Eyes in Children

5 Causes and Treatment of Swollen Eyes in Children

Windowofworld.com – Swollen eyes in children can be caused by various things. If your child has this condition, as a parent, you need to know the causes and how to overcome them.

The causes of swollen in the eyes of children vary, from the habit of rubbing the eyes to eye infections. Each cause has a different treatment. For more details, see the following description.

Causes and Ways to Overcome Swollen Eyes in Children

The following are various common causes of swollen eyes in children and how to overcome them:

1. The habit of rubbing his eyes

Although it looks simple, the habit of rubbing the eyes can make a child’s eyes swell. Rubbed eyes for any reason can make the eyes swollen, especially if the eyes are experiencing irritation due to the entry of dirt or foreign objects into the eye.


Compress the child’s eyes with a cloth or washcloth that has been moistened with cold water and use eye drops if needed. However, the eye medication used must be as prescribed by a doctor.

2. Allergy

An allergic reaction to the eye can occur when the eye is exposed to allergens, such as pollen, dust, or animal hair. Not only that, consuming food or drugs that can trigger allergies can also cause swollen eyes.

Swollen eyes caused by allergies are usually accompanied by red, itchy, watery eyes, or are sensitive to light.

To deal with swollen eyes due to allergies, you can give your little eye drops or oral medication containing antihistamines. However, do not forget to consult with your doctor before giving any medicine to your child.

3. Injury to the eye

Swelling in a child’s eye can also be caused by an injury. This injury can be mild, for example eyes with soap or sand to get in; can also be severe, for example, a collision in the eye.

Eye injuries caused by foreign objects, chemicals, or collisions should be checked by a doctor immediately. If your baby’s eye injury is caused by a foreign object or chemical, first clean his eyes with running water before taking him to the doctor for examination.

4. Blockage in the tear duct

When the tear duct is blocked, the tears cannot come out and collect around the eyes. This can cause swelling in the area under the eyes. Blockage of the tear ducts usually results from infection, injury, or exposure to chemicals in the eye.

Generally, a blocked tear duct will heal by itself within a few days. However, you can help speed healing by compressing the lower part of your baby’s eyes using a cloth soaked in warm water.

5. Periorbital cellulitis

Periorbital cellulitis occurs when bacteria invade soft tissue around the eyes, especially the eyelids. Usually, this happens after the child is bitten by an insect around the eyes. In addition to swollen eyes, periorbital cellulitis is also characterized by red eyes and the skin around the eyes slightly hardens.

If your child has this condition, immediately take him to the doctor. The doctor will give the appropriate antibiotic to kill the bacteria that causes the infection. If left or arbitrarily treated, infections around the eyes can spread into the eyeball and cause orbital cellulitis which can lead to blindness.

Swollen eyes in children can be caused by various things, ranging from harmless conditions to serious illness. Therefore, consult your child immediately to the doctor if the swelling is so severe that the eyes cannot be opened, or if the swelling is mild but does not improve for more than 2 days.

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