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Symptoms and Treatment of Scabies in Children


Symptoms and Treatment of Scabies in Children

Scabies is a skin disease caused by Sarcoptes scabiei infestation. Scabies in children can cause skin and very itchy sores due to scratching. This disease is contagious and needs to be treated immediately.

Head lice that cause scabies or scabies can be transmitted if there is direct contact with the patient’s skin, sleeping close to the patient, or using clothes and towels worn by the patient. Therefore, if a child has scabies, all family members must also be examined and treated.

Symptoms of Scabies in Children
When infected, the mites that cause scabies will enter the skin layer to live and multiply. The dirt, saliva, and eggs they leave on the skin will cause various allergic symptoms, such as:


Severe itching that usually worsens at night or after a hot shower. If scratched, will form sores and scabs, and the risk of causing bacterial infections in the skin.
Lumps or blisters on the skin where the lice are hiding.
Redness and rashes appear.
Scaly or crusty skin.
These symptoms will appear 4-6 weeks after fleas cause scabies to attack the child’s skin.

In children aged 2 years and over, small scabies lumps usually appear on the hands, between fingers, wrists, hips, thighs, belly button, groin area, and armpits. Whereas in children under the age of 2 years, lumps usually grow on the head, neck, palms, and soles of the feet.

Treating Scabies in Children
If your child shows symptoms of scabies, immediately take it to the doctor to undergo examination and get scabies treatment.

To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will look at the condition of your baby’s skin to find signs of scabies. If necessary, the doctor will examine the skin sample with a microscope to look for mange mites.

If your child is confirmed to have scabies, the doctor will prescribe medication in the form of:

Creams and lotions containing permethrin, lindane, sulfur or crotamiton.
Antihistamines help relieve itching.
Ivermectin drugs for extensive and severe scabies.
Antibiotics to treat bacterial infections in your baby’s skin.

Treatment of scabies in children takes about 4-6 weeks, until the disease is cured and the symptoms disappear. Therefore, Father and Mother need to be patient in caring for children with scurvy, and do not stop treatment without doctor’s advice.

In addition to treatment from a doctor, also do the following steps to treat scabies in children:

Have everyone who lives with the child go to the doctor so they can be treated. This is to prevent scabies from recurring.
Wash your baby within 8-12 hours after he was given a topical repellent.
Do not apply ointment to your eyes, nose and mouth, unless recommended by your doctor.
Wash your child with warm water.
Wash clothes, towels, dolls, and bedding with hot water (at least 60 ° C) to kill fleas and eggs. For items that cannot be washed, store them in a freezer or airtight container for several days.
Iron your clothes, bed sheets, and little towel.
Dry blankets, pillows, and bolsters for several days in the sun to kill fleas.
Cut your baby’s nails to prevent infections caused by scratching.

If your child still feels itchy after the medication for scabies in the child has run out, or your child will get scabies again after completing treatment, return to your doctor for re-treatment.

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