Teach Your Kids French

Learning a new language for a child can be very beneficial to them in the future. Just think of the opportunities it will open in later life. They have an edge over other children and this will be a great addition to their college applications. We all know that children pick up new things faster than adults, so now is the perfect time to help them learn French. Here are some suggestions you may find useful …

Is it difficult to pay attention to your children? Do they play on their computers forever or listen to their ipods? Now, you can now find modern French education available as interactive Cdrom games that can be played on their computers, and as MP3s for their iPods. There is no point trying your child to read textbooks that focus on difficult French grammar, they will never stay focused long enough to take it all in. You have to move with the times and teach your child French with modern technology.

A good way to get your child interested in learning a new language is to introduce them to French culture and customs. Do not worry; you don’t even have to travel to France. A good alternative is to take it for their first French meal, or try to cook it yourself if you have a challenge. You can even take them to a movie to watch a French movie. Why not get some French music (on-line French radio or in your local library)? The French are known for their Hip Hop I, but your kids will love it!

There are currently many excellent courses in French, some offering courses tailored for young children. It can be the perfect way to teach your child French. Not only will they save you a lot of time and effort, but I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two too. These courses are extremely well structured and will move your child from beginner to intermediate phase within a few weeks.

Remember that learning is fun. Try to make it as different from the school as possible. Don’t put too much pressure, expect immediate results, or be afraid to reward your child for their learning effects. And don’t forget, they also have pressures and homework from their school life. If there is an important exam for your children, you should make the French more comfortable. This is not a race your child has for the rest of his / her life to learn French, so don’t rush.

You see, learning doesn’t have to be boring and all the hard work – it can be fun if you know how. I hope my suggestions help your child learn French.