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The Best Places for PS2 Game Rentals

The Best Places for PS2 Game Rentals

Windowofworld.com – Renting video games has never been as attractive as it is today. Many video game rental clubs offer PS2 rentals, among many other console games, to the public at a low monthly price. Today, we’re going to explore which rental clubs offer the best quality and choice when it comes to your favorite PS2 games.

As of 2006, there are three online video game rental companies that stand out among the rest of the package. If you use video games, you may have heard it. Gottaplay, GameFly and Intelliflix are currently the leading video game rental chain. Below, we will evaluate each of the three businesses when it comes to hiring PS2 games.

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Gottaplay PS2 Rentals

Gottaplay rental company is fast becoming one of the hottest online video game rental companies in the US right next to GameFly. It is the first online company of their kind to provide telephone support to all of their customers, along with a massive game choice. Gottaplay has a huge selection of PS2 games within their arsenal. Here are some statistics we came up with when evaluating this business.

  1. PS2 Game Selection: About 700 PS2 titles.
  2. New Release Titles: All new releases were available once it hit the local stores. About 75 new releases at the time of this article were published.
  3. Classic Game Titles: Many PS2 classics are included such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and other wonderful titles from the past, present and future.
  4. Hard-to-find Games: Many games we never knew were included in their selection. If you want to play a game with little or no popularity, Gottaplay has it covered too.
  5. PS3 titles – Gottaplay will feature the latest PS3 titles as they are released.

GameFly PS2 Rentals

GameFly has been the leader in video game rental for some time. With a wide range of game rentals reaching over 5,000 titles, this business doesn’t seem to be losing the edge when it comes to what they do best. One thing is for sure: when it comes to PS2 rentals, it covers the market with quality and selection. Let’s look better:

  1. PS2 game selection: About 800 PS2 titlestitles
  2. New release: New releases are always available. About 60 new releases at this time.
  3. Classic game titles: Many PS2 classics are included, but the selection is not as comprehensive as Gottaplay’s.
  4. Hard-to-find Games: With their large selection of PS2 titles, hard-to-find games are easily found in their database. You will find a wonderful selection of games from when play it.
  5. PS3 Titles – GameFly will be one of the first rental companies to have PS3 games available as soon as it’s available.

Intelliflix PS2 Rentals

Intelliflix wants to reach a wide range of markets, including movies, video games and adult movies. Although it occupies a large rental area, it does not dominate within a specific market. Their plans are good for families who want a one-stop-shop type of policy. As for the PS2 rental, they have a great variety of newer games, though their game choices aren’t nearly as comprehensive as the other two above. They are still worth gold and should name them for every PS2 fanatic. That’s what we dug up.

  1. PS2 game selection: roughly 475 PS2 titlestitles
  2. New release: New releases are always available. About 50 new releases are currently available.
  3. Classic Game Titles: There were some PS2 classics available, but this company mainly focuses on their newer game titles. If you love classic PS2 titles, you might want to try GameFly or Gottaplay.
  4. Hard-to-find games: There were a few scattered titles that could be hard to find in their database.
  5. PS3 titles – Intelliflix will also feature PS3 titles as soon as they are released. I think any titles will be covered by any company that is serious about hiring games.
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