Clive Owen apparently went over when Angelina Jolie told him to be sexy in “Beyond Borders”. It may have been news for the actor who used to be a big fan of David Bowie and each time the singer changed his hair color. But the green eyes, dark-haired, very British actor attracts women’s groups to every movie, including the scary “Derailed”, his latest movie.

“Derailed”, about a happy married man who starts a relationship with a beautiful young woman, meets only on a train to find out that everything may not seem like it is Owen’s latest movie. The complicated character he plays in this movie is the kind of part he chooses because he is never interested in playing good guys. I am always drawn to dangerous characters. These roles are usually much more interesting and I do not have any fears about doing it … ” (Clive Owen cited at

This film caused controversy when Anniston claimed she was covered with Owen to the stupid sex scenes, but Owen denied it. In an article by Jack Ryan on The Post Chronicle’s website (November 2, 2005) Anniston said she did not consider Owen to be dreamy to work with. He had nothing but praise for her and admired her courage in dealing with her divorce from Brad Pitt.

Owen, who comes from Coventry, was aiming to be an actor since he played the Artful Dodger in a school game. According to his biography on the IMDB database, a teacher told him: “You are Coventry’s working son. What do you know?”

His actions to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts have begun with classic parts on stage and He joined the Young Vic Theater Company where he met his wife, Sarah Jane Fenton, who played Juliet in his Romeo. They now have two daughters: Hannah and Eve. Although in his late 30’s in England he had an extensive stage and film career in England, he was not yet known in America. His big chance came in “Croupier”, in which he played a struggling writer who works as a casino employee caught by a female scam artist. Robert Altman, impressed by the actor’s performance, asked him to join his all-star movie, “Gosford Park”, and Owen’s career has since come to the forefront in King Arthur and Closer.

Owen’s latest role is in brilliant director Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” in which he plays a bankrupt and hostage player. His co-star is Jodie Foster. Owen had time to spend time in New York while filming the movie, which he said in an article on the Star Pulse website (Starpulse News Blog: 03/13/06) is “the best city in the world and the capital of the world … There’s so much to do and never enough time to do it. “If it were not for his daughters, Owen would like to go to New York.

The beautiful actor’s career seems to be from success to success. His next role is probably Essex next to Cate Blanchett in a new movie about Queen Elizabeth 11. This swashbuckling character who won the heart of the flame hair, young queen, probably will only play the actor who wants to play ‘dangerous roles’.