The Internet Structural Engineer

The Internet Structural Engineer

One of the problems that continuous changes in technology bring is a constant need to update your knowledge. Markets may seem capricious, and since there are usually many ways to reach your goal, learning what’s working and working is at best something of a gambling.

Change is getting worse than not just technology, but a completely different approach to applying this new technology is required. This situation may even look worse if you have achieved success with older methods, and suddenly a group of young startups will tell you how to do things. Most people, let alone industry experts, will be forgiven for taking both of them into account, and in some cases contempt.

This situation is exactly what happens in the internet industry.

The massive growth in high profile and successful search engine optimization companies has brought different search engine optimization application methods and techniques to a website.

This new method involves expert search engine optimizers who become involved in a web project from the start. However, the current trend will not usually involve the optimizer until the project is completed.

The reason why the optimizer is part of the planning process is that the search engines have become incredibly sophisticated. The structure and technology behind a website can therefore have a dramatic impact on the ability to optimize correctly. The main reason for this is that CRM, Content Management, E-Commerce and other dynamic web solutions have become commonplace over the past 2 years.

Many of the leading internet and software development companies responsible for building these systems have responded to this trend by quoting that their technology is indeed the best search engine. Unfortunately, SEO has become more sophisticated and competitive, meaning no single method or system will work. The structure of your site depends on the keywords you decide to target and the competitiveness of the markets in which you operate.

The following points give only some of the conditions or prerequisites now needed to stay competitive and have any chance of winning. significant search engines positions.

The amount you change from your website’s editorial content is now being closely monitored by the search engines. This ensures that only the latest websites are displayed in the leaderboard. This condition is called% change.

Logic dictates that if you change your site on a regular basis, it is likely to grow in physical size as well. The search engines are an information resource and then large websites are often favored by little ones.

Although the previous conditions are important, the time to make these changes is still academic if the search engines can’t read your website, so they will have to do the monitoring and measurement of your work. Therefore, it is imperative that the physical structure and on-site optimization be done correctly so that the search engines can classify your content.

There is another advantage to getting into the search engine optimizer at the start of a campaign; They will be able to advise you on the required technology, as the acquisition of top search engines is in your strategy. The optimizer will remain independent of your hardware / software providers, giving you feedback from the technology. The technology you sold is indeed the job.

For an optimizer there is nothing more frustrating than passing a completed website and being asked to reach search engines, I often suck when I just view a new project to find that the dynamic pages are not optimal and the website is so clever where its technology worries that the search engines robots (the technology that reads, measures and reports back to the search engines) cannot read or classify the site!

Building a website is no different from building a home, the client comes up with an idea, he visits the architect and a design is created. The architect then sends this design to a structural engineer to make sure it is unlikely to fall, eventually the construction and design specifications are passed on to the builders. Unfortunately in the industry, the design is only transferred to the structural engineers (optimists) at the end of the project. This means that your website sounds structurally sound, our unsightly text needs to be bolted and the structure drastically changed to make it structurally sound. Since most of our changes affect navigation and branding, they are usually denied by the customer. This means that the optimizer should manage the optimization race with only one leg! I’m sure your optimizer will do your best for you, but it’s not surprising that in many cases the results aren’t coming down!

Understandably, many readers of this article do not intend to demolish their expensive new website to restart. So what can you do to ensure that you do not allocate your optimization budget to optimists who know they should tackle the race, but are willing to take your budget anyway! You should be prepared to redesign your website, if necessary, to work with your optimizer and set it up to the web designers and developers who created your system, unfortunately it is harm reduction, but in many cases, small development changes can negatively impact and at least allow your optimizer to stop, if not, run the optimization race!

The last problem you will experience is how to find an optimizer that is able to make these required changes because there aren’t many of them!

It is important to remember one point, there is no such thing as a good search engine optimization company, just good search engine optimizers. Remember, just because you got your optimization company at number one in Google, it just qualifies that they not only have the skill but also the time needed, sometimes up to thousands to get top positions. You have to ask yourself, will your budget support such activities. And with your budget, can they achieve the results they say to you, they can’t? Give any marginal optimizer endless time and money and they can achieve good positions. A great optimizer will understand strategy and achieve quick results. They will also inform you about how to take control. This does not mean giving away their precious secrets. The search conditions change frequently enough to ensure that you retain your chosen optimizers skills, even if they have told your staff how to do some donkey work needed to achieve good psitions!

To ensure you get the best optimizer, you first have to meet with the optimizer, and even the optimization team that will manage your contract should not just listen to the salesman. Too often you will meet the expert, then you will be with a 15K per year junior. Make sure you ask for case studies, and look it carefully, experience in a particular market doesn’t matter, SEO is SEO, just changing the keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is rapidly becoming a professional industry. It often takes up to 12 months for a junior to learn the basics. We become the structural engineers of the internet and as Google has grown from a service to what is now regarded as an economy, it is important that you not be left behind!
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