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The location of acne on the body and its meaning for health


The location of acne on the body and its meaning for health

Windowofworld.com – Acne does not only appear on the face, but on other parts of the body. Here are five locations of acne on the body and what they mean for your health.

Some pimples sometimes appear not only on the face, but also on other body parts, such as on the back, thighs, hands, neck, and even chest.

According to dr. Sara Elise Wijono, acne can appear due to clogged skin pores. “Then this blockage becomes infected with skin bacteria so that it becomes inflamed,” said dr. Sarah.

In addition, the location of acne on your body has different meanings and causes. Here are some locations of acne on the body and the causes that you should know.

1. Acne on the back

Acne on the back can be caused by overactive body oil glands, buildup of dead skin cells, and bacterial infection that causes acne.

In addition, dr. Devia Irine Putri said, “The cause of acne on the back itself can be due to damp conditions, the influence of hormones, or due to eating foods, such as high sugar.”

Reported by Very Well, wearing tight clothes can also cause acne on the back. To overcome this, you can use clothes that are clean, not too tight, and made from soft or smooth for the skin.

2. Pimples on Hands

Pimples on the hands are believed to be a sign that your body lacks vitamins.

You can treat acne on your hands by eating nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day.

Pimples in this area can also indicate that your body is allergic to something. Also pay attention to the use of detergent products, lotions, or bath soaps.

Because these products contain ingredients that cause skin irritation or clog pores.

3. Acne on the neck

Quoted from Healthline, the cause of acne on the neck is generally the same as acne on the face, namely due to blockages in the skin pores.

Not only that, the factors that cause acne on the neck can be caused by poor hygiene, for example, rarely or less clean when cleaning sweat on the neck. Using products that can clog your skin’s pores, such as moisturizer or sunscreen, can also cause breakouts.

Then, wearing clothes made from uncomfortable and dirty hair that often rubs against the neck can also cause acne.

4. Pimples on Thighs

Pimples on the thighs usually appear because you are allergic to products such as detergent or shaving cream.

Doctor Devia said “Acne on the thigh is actually rare. When it occurs, it usually leads to ulcers or folliculitis. Then, it can also occur due to bacterial infection, damp conditions, lack of hygiene.”

To treat acne that is located on the thighs, you can keep your body clean by wearing clean clothes, loose pants, and using a mild detergent to reduce irritation.

5. Acne on the chest

Doctor Devia explained that acne on the chest can appear due to poor hygiene. Poor hygiene can cause clogged pores. The use of certain body care products such as lotion or perfume can also make acne on the chest appear.

He added, the size of the pimple on the chest should be considered carefully. Because some lumps on the chest that initially resemble acne can be a sign of a tumor.

“If it looks like a pimple at first, then it changes in size to a large size, it could lead to a tumor. However, if the acne is small in size, it does not fall into the tumor category,” explained dr. Devi.

That’s an explanation of the location of acne and its causes. To prevent acne from appearing, you must maintain good overall body hygiene.

You can also consult a doctor if you find pimples appearing on some unusual body parts. For more information or health tips, you can read articles on our website.


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