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The Longer: A Review

The Longer: A Review

The Long: Sincere Worship

If there was one thing I could tell of The Longing it would be: our only desire as band is worshipers. The tire website welcomes it all.

After publishing this song with The Longings’s new self-titled album this morning, I can tell you that they have been faithful to their mission. Presented by the exciting new media company, Indelible, the Longing blows a fresh wind over the worship genres, one with the ability to inspire and refresh those in the trenches.

Under the guidance of talented songwriter Jason Ingram, self-refreshed by a prestigious season of listening, The Longing has an organic, engaging sound that makes David Crowder quick, but also a tip of Euro-worship, namely Tim Hughes , Matt Redman. What not to say their sound is not distracted at all; it is not. Part of what makes this project unique is its strong sincerity. Several of the songs, but drip with humility, worship and surrender. Ingram and the company strive for the target of God’s own heart with these respectful songs and provide a path of access for true worshipers to follow.

Upbeat Opener Heal This Land immediately announces Ingram’s willingness to take corporate responsibility and acknowledges our desperate need for forgiveness and salvation. Ingram rises above the tired cliches of Christian lyric, bringing both the intelligence and the authenticity to these songs of petition. His chorus pain in earnest on melodic rescue songs, and the piano-driven lathe reveals more of the depths of desire by The Longing:

As we lift a thousand hallelujah Matchless One, we make ourselves loose.

Guest Christy Nockles brings her usual passion to the oath of surrender my offer and the worship song are, my Jesus, I love you. All of Me flow with the same desperate humility. Only Rocker Your love is really sad with its bare surrender, and yes, naked is the only appropriate term for this level of deep submissiveness. Calmer closer Eye on You end the project perfectly, as the group again returns its collective heart in worship. There have not been many bands lately, which showed more sincerity than the appropriate title The Longing.

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