The Lost Season Final


The Lost Season Final

I admit that the second season’s final of lost was amazing. I was a little disappointed by the previous episodes, but this one completely changed my interest. Eventually something became really important and we discovered the secrets of the island and it seems we are going to find out in the next season.

There is apparently no disease on the island, and perhaps the quarantine on the doors only needs to keep the people in order so that they continue to do their work on the experiment of Dharma Project. It does not explain why Russo killed her friends and thought she was ill, but probably she just got crazy (which does not seem very likely) or maybe we still do not know.

Michael seems to be one of the dumbest characters, but I do not think it’s the end of his appearance. Walt has some paranormal abilities that need to be shown. I think Michael and Walt will also decide to come back (because of Michael’s consciousness) or they can not get it and eventually the ocean will bring them back to the island.

Over the other, I do not think they will hurt Kate, Jack and Sawyer. They will probably use them for their experiments or try to make their part of their group. What’s more interesting to me is why the others hide their identity? Who are they leaving for? That’s something I really can not wait to figure out.


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