The Myth of AutoShip

AutoShip, or the automatic delivery of products or services on a monthly basis, serves mainly two functions: 1) To create consistent consumption and repeat purchases of that product or service by the consumer; 2) Customer convenience by eliminating the need for the customer to repeatedly re-order the same products or services.

Unfortunately, the benefits of AutoShip are overestimated for any of the above purposes. It is true that network marketing companies would like to see their clients come back monthly to make repeated purchases. But in reality it simply doesn’t work like that. Unless you have a product or service usually provided by continuous subscription, e.g. Newspapers and magazines, utilities (including communication and internet), insurance, loans, financial services, etc. AutoShip is no guarantee that they will not cancel it.

Many companies and their representatives like to rely on the fact that a certain percentage of customers are indeed staying on AutoShip for long periods of time, for no other reason than usual, and / or simply because they don’t know how to cancel it. Is it really the position you want your customers to be, even if it is? People who buy your product simply because they forgot or don’t know how to cancel the recurring AutoShip order?

Most friends and associates tend to regard me as a well-organized person. And surely, I’m not one that wastes money. Nevertheless, I will admit that in any given year I am not uncommon to spend from any hundred to over a thousand dollars on products and services that I simply did not have time (or did not know how to cancel) . It is no coincidence that many companies make it easy to sign up for the automatic delivery of their products or services, but do not offer an easy way to cancel.

In the case of an MLM-related service I decided to try out, there was not just a way to cancel online, but their contact form didn’t work, so there was apparently no way to get them. send email! Initially, they only provided a contact form and no email address provided. When I finally got an email address and sent an email asking them to cancel my account, there was no answer! Eventually I got a phone number and called them, and even then they often had problems with their voicemailbox full of messages or not

. Although it is possible to keep some clients longer because it is easy for them to sign up for AutoShip, but not so easy to cancel, do you really want your client to feel that they are being held hostage?

Ideally, you need high quality products and services that are well understood and in demand by your customers. Customers should continue to order because they want or need your product or service, not just because it is on AutoShip.

In most cases, companies and their representatives want people on AutoShip for some reason and just one reason to try and withdraw consistent client revenue. At least from the company’s point of view, it’s the right bottom. And from the company’s standpoint and that of the representative, that AutoShip can be very well linked to the representative who obtains or maintains a certain level of remuneration, often with names such as Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Executive, etc. The more money you spend each month (especially on AutoShip) the more money you qualify for in the compensation plan. Often this leads to inflated and / or artificial consumption. In other words, people buy things they don’t really need and / or buy more than they really need.

Rule # 1 to Keep AutoShip Under Control: For your own long-term financial success and in the best interest of your clients, ensure that you only buy what you need! If you need a specific product or service delivered every month and in that quantity, be wonderful. If not, do not agree that it will automatically be sent to you.

Rule # 2 is to remember that you, as a representative or customer, are the ultimate consumer and buyer. It’s your money! Therefore, it must be for you when and how much of it you spend. Don’t be intimidated by your company or upline to buy more than you need, or fall into the trap of trying your representatives and clients to do the same (buy more than they need on AutoShip).

In the short term you can make less money than if your numbers are inflated artificially by people who buy more on AutoShip than they really want. But in the long run you have a stronger customer and representative, and your representatives and clients will respect you much more to keep their best interests in mind by encouraging them to buy your products and services because they need and need them has. In the quantities they need.

At the beginning of this article, Customer Convenience was mentioned as one of the reasons why companies claim AutoShip.

But after decades of experience ordering a variety of products worth tens of thousands of dollars, and seeing others, I do the same, I am absolutely convinced that AutoShip can be just as inconvenient as it is a convenience.

And let me be quick to point it out. Yes, I have absolutely products and services delivered to me every month on AutoShip. I even go further by sharing with you that in just one category, food products, order as much as $ 400 to $ 600 a month from those types of products.

However, in a slow month, I can order as little as $ 100 to $ 150 of the product. So, you may be wondering why the difference and what do I mean by a slow month?

Just one example: Health Packs (or Paks). Keep in mind that this is most common on health and nutritional products, but it can also apply to many other products and services.

Most health and wellness companies offer at least one Health Pack, which they provided with items they feel most people want to buy each month each month. Again, these packages can also be designed to qualify the representative for a particular level in the company’s remuneration plan.

The problem with this approach is that, especially if it is a pack that contains many different products, it is highly unlikely that you will consume all the content equally throughout the month. So, at the end of the month, it is very possible that you will end up with too much, or too little, of some of the products included in a given package.

If you just order the same package, then you will end up with a whole lot of some items long ago, and maybe short on others. That’s what I mean by a slow month. Slow months for me are those months when previous months AutoShips caused me to spill some items. If I finally get overloaded at many, if not most items, then I can spend just as little as $ 100 to $ 150 that month just buy the few items I get. On the other hand, if it is a month that I almost get out of, or will soon be, I can spend as much as $ 400 to $ 600 to buy all the health and nutrition products I can typically buy in any given month .

Do I continue to receive AutoShip products every month, even if I have too much or don’t need it? Absolutely not! If I see that I get too much inventory on certain items, I will remove those items from my AutoShip order for that month. Some companies leave your AutoShip stationary and resume it when you’re ready for exactly this reason. However, if no such options are provided, I am not at all shy of canceling my AutoShip order for a particular month. Then, when I see that I’m going to run lower on those items, I’m going back to AutoShip.


Especially if you are new to receiving products on AutoShip, you must familiarize yourself with your company’s policy of submitting changes or cancellations to your order. Some companies will allow you to literally change your order almost at the last minute. More generally, however, they will have a policy that suggests that you should do so well before the actual AutoShip date, sometimes as much as 10 days in advance! If your company has such a policy and you wait until after the deadline, you may not be able to stop your AutoShip for that month, even if you no longer need the product!

To summarize:

  1. Emphasize the value of your products and services so that both you and your customers purchase because they need and want your products, and not just a requirement for remuneration plans. Ask yourself, if I was personally involved with this company, would I still buy this product?

Almost all of the products and services I mentioned above, which I buy, sometimes up to $ 400 to $ 600 a month, are just for my personal use and not at all because I’m trying to qualify somewhere in a place. companys compensation plan. In fact, in most cases I do not express the opportunity at all, and in most people I have never reported a single representative. (Although I’m a big fan of health and well-being, it’s my primary focus on building organizations outside the strict heath and welfare area.) So, I can certainly answer with a sounding, yes, the question, should I buy these products anyway, even if there was no opportunity.

If you can answer the question and you are in the health and welfare area, wonderful! You will be much better off and as a result build a stronger organization and client base.

  1. Don’t buy and definitely don’t continue to receive on monthly AutoShip anything you don’t really want or need. Buy products because you actually plan to use them, and not just to qualify for a certain level of compensation.
  2. Monitor your AutoShips and your use of the products and be ready to adjust if needed, order more or less when needed.
  3. Finally, remember that you are finally in control and the one that determines what you need, and in what quantity and when. So, if you only stock up on certain items, or if you don’t need it in a certain month, don’t be shy to cancel your AutoShip order if your company no longer gives you flexible options. You can always resume your AutoShip order when you are ready.

And lastly, let me point out that, whatever is considered, as long as you really need and want what products you buy, you should at least benefit from any special, bonuses and / or remuneration plan benefits you will enjoy by ordering on AutoShip. In other words, if your company offers benefits to place your order on AutoShip, as opposed to placing a regular order, there’s nothing wrong with it. Very few companies have a policy that states that you do not get the same benefits just because you do not stay on AutoShip every month. For example, if you cancel your AutoShip this month, you obviously won’t enjoy the benefits offered on AutoShip. However, when you decide to re-order, you will probably have the same benefits as being on AutoShip all the time.

Some people like to buy for sale just because items are for sale. So, the old saying, no sale is a good buy if you don’t need the item for sale! Similarly, AutoShip has its place, but no benefit will probably be worth it if you spend money every month on buying products on AutoShip that you don’t really need or want.

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