The Unused Potential Of Reseller Programs

I am part of the growing population of people who are looking for a living from home on the Internet deserves. I’m constantly looking for new and better ways to earn income. I participate in various forums related to affiliate marketing and work from home. Very few people participate in reseller programs and I think they miss out on some big time fees.

A reseller program is as simple as it sounds. You become a retailer for a specific company. This is different from an affiliate program, as you set your own prices, in some cases you can even handle the invoice of your clients, and then you are provided by the vendor for the sale you sell. Let me be clearer. For example, you sign up for a web hosting reseller program. That company will then tell you what to sell for their products and how much they charge you for each account. Then you create a website (in some cases) and place the products on your website. A client signs up for the service through your website and pays you. Then you have to go to your reseller’s control panel and enter all the client information and provider, and then set them up for the hosting program they have chosen.

I’ve chosen web hosting as an example, because that’s what I researched and signed so far. However, there are many other opportunities. Some of the hosting companies will provide you with a website and everything you do will build it to your liking and set your prices. Others will just let you know which of their products you can sell and how much they charge you, as I mentioned above. Then you have to fill in all the customer information when making a sale. Some apps are free and other membership fees and setup fees. I have investigated the following: – They are one of the companies that requires you to place their products on your own site and then enter the customer information into your control panel when making a sale. They just let you sell one hosting package. So, if you want to give lots of options to your clients, you also need a different program, or you can use many programs that can be confusing. There is no charge for this program. I have no response to one communication with them asking questions about the program and a terrible answer to a second question. It touched me a little, because how useful it would be if I had a question about a client account. This is one of the better apps I’ve researched. They also do not give you a website, you will need to place their products on your website. No cost for this program. They had very good prices on their programs. They also communicated a living person with me via email to answer my questions. What I didn’t like about them is the fact that you had to prepay for the bills. In other words, I’ll have to buy, say 10, hosting programs before even selling one. The more you bought the cheaper, they were. They have a special game, if you bought 10, you have 10 free. So, for 20 programs it would cost me $ 500. It’s $ 25 each for a year. The problem is, they were only good for one year from the date of purchase. If I didn’t sell it for some reason, I lost them and had to buy more the next year. – On the surface a very attractive program. They claim a one-time set-up of $ 99, you get a fully functional website. So, I signed up with them. That $ 99 didn’t get me anything. I couldn’t sell, I couldn’t even offer my fully functional website. So, I called and found out I had to spend another $ 99 for the ability to host the site. It sounds reasonable and I was sure it was all I needed to do. WRONG! I’ve had a website now, but I still don’t have the ability to sell anything. It was another $ 25 upgrade and load. I also went for it. I already had the necessary access. However, they did not explain that the 7 hosting plans show their prices in their initial sales point, you do not have the ability to sell. They only give you 3 options and 2 of them are eCommerce. For $ 225 I thought it was a good deal if I had access to all 7 packages they offer. I requested my refund and would not recommend this program to others. – They have 2 plans. The most basic is their gold plan. This plan has an initial fee of $ 149 and a monthly fee of $ 59. The plan comes with only one option for sale, their ePro hosting plan. They also offer a platinum plan. One requires a $ 995 essay fee and the same $ 59 monthly fee, which requires a minimum of 500 customers. This is the plan I finally took with you.

As you can see from the site, they have two packages. The base for $ 99 a year and the Pro plan for $ 199 a year. The only real difference is the amount you pay for the products. The Pro plan costs less for the same products than the basic plan. You have access to all the products GoDaddy offers. You may decide not to sell it if you wish, but you have the option. This is a fully functional website. You set the prices and they pay you the profits. Here’s an example of the site you would get if you signed up for this program:

With the Pro plan you also get $ 250 credit to Google Adwords. They also have arrangements with some of the best affiliate programs if you want to promote your site through them.

In light of the convenience, wide variety of products, and the fact that everything they’ve advertised in their program was true, unlike FatCow, I felt $ 199 a year, it’s worth it.

Another difference between a reseller program and an affiliate program is the fact that when a client is logged in, they have access to that client’s information. Now you can work to build your mailing list in this way, in addition to other ways you can use it. As an affiliate you do not have this option. Also, if you’re an affiliate, you don’t usually get residual income, like the reseller you do. All of the above sites offer both affiliate and reseller programs. After reading this email, you’ll hopefully see much more potential as a reseller, regardless of which company you are going to or what product you are going for. To prove my point, I wanted to do some quick maths, with many conservative numbers.

Let’s say I only sell 5 hosting packages per month for 5 years and they are just the economy package. I currently buy it where I only gain $ 3 a month.

The first year I will have sold 60 plans for a $ 2160 profit for the year. This does not include the domain names or any additional services they purchase. After year # 2 I will have sold 120 $ 4320 profit plans. By the end of year 5, I will have sold 300 plans for a $ 10800 profit that will remain every year as long as I don’t lose any customers. If I had the same selling price for 10 years, I would have sold 600 plans for a $ 21,600 profit.

Now $ 21,600 is not megabucks, but I assume I will sell more than 5 plans a month and I don’t think they’ll all plan the economy. That figure also does not include the other services offered or any sales resulting from the mailing list that will not be built. If I sold 50 a month with all the same terms for calculations, I made a $ 21,600 profit in the first year and $ 216,000 in ten years.

You can play with the numbers you want, but I tried to use very conservative and achievable numbers for the first example and then for the second example more aggressive but still feasible.

Hopefully, the article has shown that there is a tremendous potential to earn a living by using reseller programs on the more popular affiliate options. If you are already successful on the internet or you decide how to start hopefully you will now see the potential in reseller programs.