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The Virtue of Itikaf in the Month of Ramadan, the Worship of the Prophet’s Sunnah


The Virtue of Itikaf in the Month of Ramadan, the Worship of the Prophet’s Sunnah

Windowofworld.com – In the last ten days of Ramadan, it is highly recommended to carry out itikaf at the mosque. Itikaf is one of the sunnah worship that is often carried out by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Itikaf itself is stopping or staying in the mosque with certain conditions, with the sole intention of worshiping Allah SWT. If according to language, itikaf comes from the word “akafa” which means “imprison”.

Quoted from Rumah Fiqih Indonesia, itikaf is a form of worship by imprisoning oneself in a mosque. People who are committed are busy with various kinds of worship, whether they are praying, remembrance, or reading the Koran.

Popmama.com summarizes the virtues and rewards of itikaf that are carried out in the month of Ramadan.

1. The law of itikaf

Quoting the Al Hasanah Islamic Boarding School, regarding the law, the ulama’s consent states that itikaf is sunnah. However, each scholar has different views on the degree of extinction of itikaf.

The Hanafi School has punished itikaf in the last 10 days as a practice of the sunah muakkadah. That is, this worship is highly recommended.

The Maliki school of law punished him mandub of disgust, not sunnah. Mandud, namely everything that is carried out gets a reward and if it is abandoned it does not get torment.

The Syafi’i school of thought views that itikaf is done whenever it is the sunnah of muakad. Meanwhile, the Hambali School views itikaf as sunnah, and the sunnah is higher if it is done in the month of Ramadan.

2. Itikaf reward

Quoting from the Ministry of Religion’s journal, Itikaf or staying silent in a mosque is also considered worship. Even the reward of an itikaf person is the same as the reward of a person praying the sunnah. This is in accordance with the Hadith of Bukhari Muslim’s History:

“The angels pray for one of you as long as he is still in the position of prayer and has not had a ritual, ‘O Allah, forgive him. O Allah, have mercy on him. nothing prevents him from returning to his family except that prayer. “ (HR Bukhari)

3. Goals of Itikaf

There are times when humans have to be ‘quiet’, feel His creation. Itikaf is considered as one way to achieve this goal.

Ibn Qayyim explained that tikaf is mandated in order for the heart to kneel before Allah SWt. Also, practicing seclusion with Him, as well as breaking off temporary relationships with fellow creatures and fully concentrating on Allah.

It is like the spirit needs a moment to stop to be purified. The heart needs a special time to be able to fully concentrate on worshiping and praising Allah SAW.

Humans also need to stay away from the routine of life in the world to get closer to Allah SAW, munajat in prayer and istighfar and round off iltizam with the Shari’a so that when we return to our daily activities we become new, more valuable humans.

4. Itikaf Time

Rasulullah started Itikaf by entering the mosque before sunset entered the 21st night.

This is in accordance with his words, “Whoever wants to i’tikaf with me, let him do itikaf in the last 10 days.”

Itikaf finishes after sunset on the last day of Ramadan. However, some scholars prefer to wait until the Eid prayer is held.

5. Terms and Pillars of Itikaf

  • Must be Muslim, intelligent, holy from hadas.
    Intention. In i’tikaf there must be an intention so that the person who does it understands what to do.
  • Don’t even get daydreamed, and have a blank mind.
  • Stay in the mosque and leave actions that should not be done by people who are giving ‘tikaf. As the word of Allah SWT.

For people who are committed to increasing worship and taqorrub to Allah SWT. For example, praying sunnah, reading Al Qur’an, Qiyamullail, tasbih, tahmid, tahlil, takbir, istighfar, salawat to the Prophet Muhamma SAW, and pray.

Taking advantage of the momentum Itikaf can cleanse yourself from all sins and despicable nature and live a better life as determined by Allah SWT and His Messenger.


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