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These 8 are the customs of having sex in the teachings of Islam


These 8 are the customs of having sex in the teachings of Islam

Windowofworld.com – In the teachings of Islam, having sex has its own rules that husband and wife need to obey.

Although undergoing sexual activity after marriage is a part of worship, there are manners that must be obeyed. Existing prohibitions also need to be followed and should not be violated because this has been advocated in Islam.

Adab during sex also helps to provide comfort for both parties, either husband or wife.

If you want to know some of the manners of having sex that should be practiced in the teachings of Islam, this time Popmama.com has summarized them.

Come on, listen carefully so as not to violate religious principles and be more able to adjust to manners!

1. Having sex should begin with prayer

One of the manners during sex, that is, it is necessary to start with praying first. This prayer needs to be said by a married couple before engaging in sexual activity in bed.

The following is a prayer before having sex, namely:

“Bismillah Allahumma jannibnaasy syaithoona wa jannibisy syaithoona maa rozaqtanaa.”


By (chanting) the name of Allah, O Allah, keep us away from Satan’s (disturbances) and keep Satan away from the sustenance (babies) that You will grant to us.

2. Married couples need to do preliminaries before having sex

In accordance with the adab in the teachings of Islam, a husband and wife should not be in a hurry when they want to have sex. There needs to be an introduction first, such as flirting or engaging in physical touch.

Touch in the form of a kiss, a hug to feel the sensitive points on the partner’s body so that they can be more passionate.

This introduction aims to build comfort with each other, even to make your partner aroused.

3. There is a prayer that needs to be read when it comes to releasing sperm

An intimate relationship that is carried out with a partner, the longer it will certainly reach the peak of satisfaction. However, there is something to note when the husband is going to release sperm.

In the teachings of Islam, men are expected to read a short prayer when they want to release sperm. This prayer needs to be said so that the offspring or babies who are bestowed by Allah will become good and religiously obedient.

The following prayers that need to be read when going to release sperm, namely:

“Allahummaj’alnuthfatna dzurriyyatan thayyibah”.


O Allah, make our nutfah (sperm) into good offspring.

4. Prohibited from having sex while the wife is menstruating

Menstruation or menstruation often occurs in every woman every month. It should be understood that when the wife is menstruating, it is better not to have sex. If forced, it can increase the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

In the teachings of Islam it is forbidden to have sex when the wife is menstruating. This explanation has been summarized in one of the verses, namely QS. al-Baqarah: 222.

“They ask you about menstruation. Say: “Menstruation is a feces”. Therefore you should keep yourself away from women during your period. and do not approach them, until they are holy. When they are pure, then mix them in the place that Allah commanded you. “

When the wife is menstruating, then try to do other sexual activities. However, still make sure that these activities are still in accordance with the principles in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion.

5. Do not have sex through the rectum

Not only having sex during menstruation is prohibited by Islam, but husband and wife couples are also not encouraged to have sex through the rectum.

In Surah Al-Baqarah verse 223 it has been explained that the husband is allowed to engage in sexual activity in accordance with religious principles, but not through the rectum.

“Your wives are a field for you, so come your field whenever and in the way you like. And give priority to (the good) for yourself. Fear Allah and know that you (someday) will meet Him. And give good news to Him. people of faith. “

This means that a married couple is allowed to have sex through the vagina. The vagina here means the same as a field where when planted seeds can flourish.

This is one of the etiquette that needs to be understood and obeyed when you want to have sexual activity, Ma.

6. Always consider your partner’s condition before having sex

One of the customs that need to be considered when you want to have sex with your partner is to look at each other’s condition. This is a separate consideration before starting sexual activity in bed.

In the teachings of Islam, everyone needs to understand the physical, psychological and emotional condition of their partner before having sex. This is because not every moment, the partner is always ready when invited to make love.

In his hadith, Rasulullah SAW also reminded the importance of husbands to do good to their wives. Try not to force your will because during sex, both parties must be equally satisfied and neither is burdened.

Rasulullah SAW said, “The best of you is the best in treating his wife. And I am the best of you all for my wives.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah).

7. Prohibited from telling bed relationship problems to other people

Other customs that need to be considered when having sex with a partner, namely not spreading or telling various incidents during sex in bed. It is forbidden whether it is husband or wife when telling their bed scene to other people, including their immediate family.

“Indeed, including the worst human positions with Allah on the Day of Judgment are men who fuck their wives then he spreads the secret of his bed.” (HR. Ibn Abi Syaibah 17559, Ahmad 11673, and Muslim 1437).

8. Always keep clean after sex

Junub bath is the last manners that need to be considered after having sex with a partner.

The obligation to take a bath after having a husband and wife relationship has also been listed in the Koran in the An Nisa verse 43.

Yā ayyuhallażīna āmanụ lā taqrabuṣ-ṣalāta wa antum sukārā ḥattā ta’lamụ mā taqụlụna wa lā junuban illā ‘ābirī sabīlin ḥattā tagtasilụ, wa ing kuntum marḍā au’ lingkum safarin au jā`a aḥ` a fa lam tajidụ mā`an fa tayammamụ ṣa’īdan ṭayyiban famsaḥụ biwujụhikum wa aidīkum, innallāha kāna ‘afuwwan gafụrā


“O you who believe, do not pray, while you are drunk, so that you understand what you are saying, (don’t even approach the mosque) you are in a junub state, unless you just walk away, until you take a shower. sick or traveling or coming from a place to urinate or you have touched a woman, then you do not get water, so cultivate you with good (holy) soil; sweep your face and your hands. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Most Forgiving. “

When bathing is mandatory, the following order needs to be considered, including:

  • Wash your hands and clean your palms three times.
  • Clean the genitals and wash all dirt with your left hand using soap.
  • Perform ablution in the order like praying.
  • Pour water on the head three times until the roots of the hair are like shampooing.
  • Finally, flush and wash all limbs from the right side then to the left.
  • After taking a bath, we must follow it, surely we can return to reach the sanctity of worship.

Well, that’s some information regarding some of the manners when having sex with a partner in Islamic teachings. If it has been prohibited, it would be best to avoid it so as not to violate religious principles and still obey the prevailing manners.

Hopefully the information about sex in Islam above can be a reminder as well as useful new knowledge.


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