This happens again: GM to write significant numbers

This has happened again: GM to make significant numbers.

It happened again, and again in a very big way. I’m sure you’ve heard the news that General Motors announced that it closes its plants and leaves about 30,000 people. Some may displace them, some will get used to it.

Ford announced that they will also lay more than 4000 people. It’s all devastating news that we all have to worry about.

The manufacturing sector of our economy is the one sector that teaches our society that we can move from lower class economies to middle and upper middle-class economies. Without manufacturing, it becomes increasingly difficult for families to draw themselves and to achieve the Great American Dream.

Most manufacturing opportunities offer up to nine other jobs in the local economy. Think of the local drug stores, dry cleaners, car wash, gardeners, fast food restaurants, independent car mechanics, and so on, who see that their customer base is reduced and their services are not used so regularly. This will be a direct consequence of their local customers, no longer the discretionary income they once had. Most of those who are laid will now start learning how to get it themselves. After all, they will now have the time. Many will start working on their own cars, take care of their own lawns, cook and eat regularly.

And with less end products being produced, suppliers and their employees are affected in the same way.

What about our younger generation that pops through high school. What direction do they take at the graduation ceremony? What field do they study at college now? And to learn is trade still a good bet, but if they learn to learn more in a area where there is more discretionary income, how do they learn a trade?

These are difficult situations and difficult questions. These actions influence us whether we live near or not, are sleeping or still working. How much will the government do to help us? I talked to some friends who live in Marathon Florida, who were destroyed in the last hurricane and told them that FEMA had informed them that they were temporarily out of money, mainly due to Hurricane Katrina. They indicated that FEMA had told them to go back to Congress to receive more money.

There were some individuals who had a degree of prospects and started a home-based business that provided their remaining income. It may have sounded like that, or out of fashion, but there are those families, husband and wife: single parent or head of household who did something back when they had a discretionary income from their home business every month. For those who are willing, you will have a little less worries and frustration than those who did not.

For those who did not have a home-based business and, consequently, no monthly remaining income, it’s never too late to start one. You can start one for relatively small costs and it will not fit into your new budgeted spending pattern when you start a business where the products are the ones you use in your household every month. (All businesses must sell products or services If not, they are a scam and turn as fast as you can).

If independent adults caught in this wreckage fall and have less and less security, there is still some analysis that may be difficult, but must now take place. For those of us who are not directly caught, this analysis process will continue to be good for us to investigate as well.

First of all, hopefully those employees who are sleeping are returning a little savings. This has happened before, so hopefully there was a prospect that such a thing could happen again and there was at least some preparation.

Secondly, take a very hard look at which areas you can prune, immediately if you need to delay the cash outflow every month. Carefully look at these areas. If you have teens, you might want to involve them in the process. Let them help in contributing ideas that will help the family again. Explain to them that you as parents will do what you can to make it a temporary situation and explain to them that they appreciate their help and input.

Third, write down your plans. It is so important. Set some short term goals that will help you through this time. Also make sure that you include your written finance from Step 2 here. One technique to use is to write down and write where the money is currently spent and remember that most of us do not have the patience to do it or are not honest enough with ourselves when we write it . This is an important step worth repeating. Look at the list and decide what, if any, areas that you can cut off for the interim period. Do not look at it if I can go without this because it will start rage because you worked hard for X-years and you deserve it (whatever it is). And anger will do you, or your family and friends at all. It’s not the end of the world and you and your family will survive. YOU MUST RECOMMEND THAT! But if you have the wrong attitude, it will make the process that you fix to go much harder than it should be.

Once you’ve written it down, talk to your partner or talk to your children as a single parent and try to ask for support to make the new plans happen. If the family has goals and all participate in the family, this temporary setback will be short and the family stays intact. If there are no goals, or they are not specific, everyone does what they think they should do and in reality nothing is achieved, except feelings of contempt and frustration for each other.

Keep in mind that it has happened to people and families in the past and will be experienced by people and families in the future. You may find that your life begins to move in a direction you did not originally intend, or the changes that occur in you or your family are changes you did not think before. That will be fine. Again, the most important thing to remember is that you’ve only done fine and you’ll only do well afterwards. There is a life after (enter your company name here). Sometimes many believe that a force greater than them is needed to challenge them to learn new situations that will further develop their true self or the people they intended. Some will see their shoulders and say good, can continue.

Situations have a way to improve themselves in time, but usually not without any direct input from us. This means that if we have a positive outcome we must have positive inputs. If we experience a negative outcome, we naturally input negative actions, feelings or emotions.

Remember, this is not the worst thing that could have happened. If you were not ready for this one, get ready for the next one. Investigate your spending patterns seriously. Take a look at where your money goes. Use a technique called delayed satisfaction, which means waiting and saving the item for the item, or doing whatever is necessary to have the item or pleasure in the future.

And if you do not have a side business, a home-based business, or a part-time business, is realistic. There are too many opportunities for bright people who work hard in nature, to sit on the sidelines and not participate in the Great American Dream.