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Tips for Controlling Emotions When Fasting


Tips for Controlling Emotions When Fasting

Windowofworld.com – As humans, it’s natural to feel angry. Especially when fasting. Because hunger and thirst when fasting can make you feel more sensitive. But fasting is not only about enduring hunger and thirst, it also means holding back and doing your best to control your emotions.

Therefore, so that this Ramadan will be more perfect, Beautynesia will provide some tips for controlling anger while fasting, both psychologically and according to the guidance of the Prophet. Want to know how? Here are some tips you can try!

1. Realize You Are Angry Then Breathe

The first thing to do when you are angry is to recognize that you are angry. Just be aware of it, without having to fight the emotion or force it to be eliminated.

You also don’t want to hold onto your anger and then douse it with indulging the desire to do something destructive. This can harm yourself and those around you.

Just become aware of your anger, then breathe slowly until your breathing rate returns to normal. Whether you realize it or not, when you are angry, your heart rate and breathing speed up. When your emotions are under control, you will think more clearly in dealing with your problems.

2. Exercise

Getting angry has great energy. If you can’t stand it and want to channel it, do it in a positive way without canceling your satisfaction, for example by exercising.

Exercise can make you more relaxed and make you gradually calmer. After calming down, you can learn from what makes you angry and review what attitude you should take.

3. Write

Writing can be something you do to control your emotions while fasting. When you are angry, your feelings are mixed, there is a sense of annoyance, confusion, tiredness, to the point of feeling overwhelmed by what you are facing.

Writing down how you feel is one way to help untangle your complex thoughts and worries. Writing can also help you relieve stress.

4. Silence for a moment

Instead of taking the wrong action due to unstable emotions, it’s better to take a moment to pause. If you’re angry, your speech and behavior may get out of hand. Therefore, Rasulullah saw. encourages silence when angry.

5. From Standing, Then Sitting, Then Lying

Another guidance from the Messenger of Allah. when you’re angry is to change positions. If you are angry while standing, you are encouraged to sit down. Then if you have sat down, but your anger has not subsided, try to lie down.

“If you are angry, and he is in a standing state, he should sit down. Because with that his anger can disappear. If it is not gone, he will take a sleeping position.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Daud)

6. Taking Wudu

“Verily, anger is Satan, and Satan was created from fire, and fire can be extinguished by water. When you are angry, he should perform ablution.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Daud)

Another thing that can help you relieve anger is ablution. Cold water can relieve anger in you. Apart from that, ablution also helps you to remember Allah SWT. The Most Contrasting Heart.


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