Tips on Having sex that are Warm and Healthy – Having sex not only aims to satisfy sexual desire, but also has a number of health benefits. To feel the benefits of having sex to the fullest, it helps you to know tips on having sex that are warm and healthy.

There are many benefits of having sex, including helping to improve the immune system, improve bladder control in women, and reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart attack. In addition, Having sex can also relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Tips on Having sex for men

In having sex, some men may encounter obstacles in the form of premature ejaculation. Even so, most men who do not experience premature ejaculation also want to make sex last longer.

Some of the things below you can do so that sex activities can last longer and more fun:

1. Always start with foreplay

Women’s sexual desire doesn’t come as fast as a man’s. Therefore, do not just foreplay just before intercourse. Start doing intimate things since noon, like holding hands, hugging, kissing, and doing fun things together. Women will more easily enjoy sex if they feel comfortable, safe, and feel valued by their partners.

2. Do it in a different way

Women are very dependent on mood, so the technique of sex that you do before is not necessarily preferred at this time. The tips, do things differently, then watch the response. Don’t hesitate to ask him if he likes the way you do.

3. Ask your partner for instructions

Having sex will be more memorable if it is based on cooperation between the two parties, namely husband and wife. Avoid feeling already know the desires of a partner. Instead, ask what he wants. This is important if you want to be your dream wife or husband.

4. Penetration is not the main way

Many men who think penetration is the main way to give orgasm to women. In fact, as much as 80 percent of women can not get an orgasm just by penetration. In fact, in general women will more easily reach orgasm through oral sex. For some couples, oral sex has proven to be a pleasant variation.

Tips on Having sex for women

To get a quality intimate relationship, there are several ways that can be attempted, including:

1. Take the initiative

Many women feel afraid or ashamed to start first. The reasons are various. One of them, fear is considered aggressive and reduces the positive impression. In fact, men generally feel happy if their partners start first. So if you want to please him, from now on don’t hesitate to take the initiative.

2. Do not be easily offended

There are times when couples want or propose something new. You do not rush to be offended by the idea. The idea came out not because he did not like your style, but is based on a desire for something that has never been done. It doesn’t hurt to follow the game. Who knows you can get something more fun.

3. Don’t worry too much about body shape

Too worried about the body shape that is fatty in some parts, or worried about the faded face makeup, in the end it will only interfere with concentration when having sex. It is better to focus on the sexual activity itself so that you can enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Tips on Having Sex For Couples

In addition to tips for husband and wife, there are also tips for both. These tips are in the form of activities that you can do together, both when going to have intimate relationships and when undergoing daily activities. The following tips can be done:

1. Send intimate messages

Try to show mutual affection, not only when having sex. Communicating by telephone or sending short messages with spoiled words will make you and your partner feel better.

2, Sharing fantasy

Each person has different fantasies or desires in having sex. Do not hesitate to tell each other’s fantasies and then do it together on the bed.

3. Massaging each other

A gentle and relaxing massage will relax the skin and nerves. Massaging each other slowly can be an option for foreplay. Accustomed to massaging each other that does not aim for foreplay will help maintain the closeness of your feelings with your partner.

4. Do it casually

No need to rush in starting an intimate relationship. You and your partner will be able to enjoy sex more if done with love and in an atmosphere that is not rushed.

In addition to a variety of tips on having sex that are warm and healthy as described above, one more thing to remember is to have sex safely. Being faithful to your partner will protect you from the risk of transmitting sexual diseases.