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Top 25 Transfer Music From Ipod to Computer Links

Top 25 Transfer Music From Ipod to Computer Links

Transferring music from your iPod to your PC is easy to do if you have the tools. Unfortunately, the iPod is designed to prevent us from sharing our music. This is understandable because the music industry is making use of the technology, which allows us to copy music CDs and to reduce their profits.

But the problem has been long since the old cassette players have been used to record music directly from the radio.

So what should you do if your computer is running on your iTunes, or even worse, just breaking. You’re stuck without transferring your songs to your new computer.

Until now!

As technology goes, people always find ways to beat the system. This article describes 25 options for transferring your songs from your favorite iPod to your computer. Some are either freeware or shareware and the other of course comes with a nominal price.

Some of the links are actually transferring photos from your iPod to your computer so I included the link below as an extra. It allows you to transfer songs and videos between iPods. Many people have more than one iPod and would like to copy their favorites from one iPod to another or their friend’s iPod.

iPod 2 iPod


Many people own more than one iPod. iPod 2 iPod is a program that allows you to transfer your music and video between them.

Macintosh operating system



iLinkPod is a unique tool that allows permanent and direct access from your desktop (and your iPod or wherever you want) to hidden folders in which iPod your audio files. So you do not need iLinkPod or any other utility to access your hidden audio files on iPod, you will have access to them through a general folder on your desktop (and also iPod).

iPod Viewer 3.0.1


Bring songs to and from your iPod.



Expod ​​allows you to copy any or all of your songs (or videos) from your iPod using any file naming convention you want.


PodView 1.5


Play music, movies, fullscreen photos and import content from your iPod.



iPodDisk is a tool designed to make it easy and intuitive to copy music from your iPod. You copy music from your iPod into the Finder, like a regular disk.



Get music from your iPod on any computer.

PodUp 1.0.0


PodUp is a program that copies all your music files from your iPod to a folder of your choice without doing anything with iTunes.

Mac and Windows operating system



iPodRip supports the recovery of your songs and playlists, playing audio files and more. iPodRip is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and later, and Windows XP and 2000. Trial version available.

Music Rescue (Upgrade to the previously mentioned PodUtil)


Music Rescue is a shareware program for copying songs from your iPod to your computer. PodUtil is compatible with Mac OS X and 9.x and Windows XP and 2000.

iPod Music Liberator


iPod Music Liberator lets you play music, playlists, and ratings of your iPod any computer, which completes a missing feature of iTunes. It supports Mac OS X and Windows XP, 2000, NT, and 98.

TuneRanger 0.9.5 Build 270


TuneRanger connects iTunes running computers over a network so that music, video and playlists from one iTunes library to another seamless merge.

iPod Access Photo 1.2


TheiPod Access Photo lets you choose individual photos and albums to move back on your Mac or external hard drive.

iPod Access


The first application to copy music, videos and playlists from your iPod to your Windows computer.

Microsoft Windows PC

Microsoft Windows PC



iPod Copy lets you copy music, videos, podcasts and photos from your iPod to iTunes or your computer’s hard drive. You can also copy playlists, artwork, ratings, and play scores from your iPod to iTunes.



xPort is the ultimate backup tool for your iPod. It allows you to easily transfer all your songs from your iPod to your computer and allows you to download lyrics, list your songs, create m3p playlists% u2026

CopyTrans (formerly CopyPod)


CopyTransTM is the ultimate tool for recovering and restoring your iPod songs. It requires Windows XP or 2000.

CopyTrans Photo


CopyTrans Photo lets you easily upload, backup, copy, or upload your photos to your computer.



xPodClone is the ultimate backup tool for all your devices, it easily clones clones, DVDs, CDs, folders, ipods. You only have to drag and drop your files in the xPodclone window.

Xplay 2


XPlay makes it possible not only to add music to your iPod, but copy music back from the iPod. XPlay lets you use both Mac and PC formatted iPods.

iGadget (formerly iPod Agent)


You can transfer all kinds of data to your iPod, including directions, contacts, appointments, emails, notes, tasks, podcasts, RSS news feeds, weather forecasts, daily horoscopes, movie show times, gas prices and more! You will need the necessary tools to copy songs from your iPod and back to your computer.

Tansee iPod to PC Transfer


Transfer music from iPod to PC.

Tansee iPod Photo Transfer


Backup / Transfer photos from iPod to PC.

Tansee iPod Video to PC Transfer


Transfer video audio from iPod to PC.



Copy your songs and videos from your iPod to any computer.

Kandalu X Cube


Kandalu X Cube is A user-friendly utility that can quickly and easily transfer music files from your iPod to the computer.

In summary

You have it, all the resources you need to get your songs and pictures from your iPod. There are other more expensive options available, but it’s a very good starting point, especially since most are free or a lot of nominal fee.

If I had to choose one, I would choose the iGadget because it’s a full featured program with so many other useful features, in addition to file transfer functionality.

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