True Mobility Switches from Network to Network in a Click

That’s how it looks. You have a job that is using a notebook with a network connection in a different place. Every time you change locations, including returning home, you have to take the time to reset network settings, which keeps you away from optimal efficiency. This includes changing settings not only for the network but also for your browser, e-mail software, shared files, and more. Why does it have to be so long? Such questions make you disturbed every time you move from one network to another. And just as you think that adjusting settings is an unavoidable routine, the Net Profile Switch reached out to help.

Net Profile Switch means there are no more problems with network settings at all, create a profile to apply the settings that have been configured and you are ready to go. You can even import the current settings to create a profile in a short time. Now all network related adjustments will only require a few seconds, you won’t need more than that. After you set the settings in the program profile, one click will finish the job whenever you need it.

Net Profile Switch will not be very useful without a number of additional practical features. Along with network settings, this tool offers a simple way to adjust web browser proxy settings. This works not only for Internet Explorer standards but also for Opera and Firefox as well. This program can also be used to map network drives instantly and configure firewall settings. And you can make it an SMTP server set for email software. Finally, the Net Profile Switch can change your default printer. Overall these features consist of a final set of fast and trouble-free network switching, so if you are looking for true mobility, the Net Profile Switch will make a big step in that direction.

What’s more, it’s very convenient that the software works just as smoothly as Windows XP and Vista. For the latter it means that the Net Profile Switch complies with UAC (User Account Control) and does not require administrative permission. That way you can be sure that fast network changes on the latest OS from Microsoft, and also on XP, won’t give you problems. Unlock new benefits of being mobile with the Net Profile Switch.

Why is it faster with Net Profile Switch:

Everything must be configured when network changes are taken into account
One click handles all network related settings at once
Switching profiles is much faster than managing settings manually