Trump claims Kim Jong-un showed his uncle’s head after executing him

Trump claims Kim Jong-un showed his uncle's head after executing him
Trump claims Kim Jong-un showed his uncle's head after executing him

Trump claims Kim Jong-un showed his uncle’s head after executing him – President of the United States (US) Donald Trump discussed the execution of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un of his uncle; General Jang Song-thaek, during an interview with journalist Bob Woodward.

Trump claims the young North Korean dictator told him everything when they met. The two leaders have met several times, including the first in Singapore to negotiate Pyongyang’s nuclear disarmament. (Read: Trump Calls Kim Jong-un Claiming to have killed his uncle)

Woodward published his interview with Trump in a book called “Rage” which will be officially released September 15, 2020. According to the book, Trump claims that Kim Jong-un showed his uncle’s head after executing him by firing squad.

Woodward is an editor of the Washington Post. The book “Rage” follows a series of recorded interviews as well as access to personal correspondence with Trump.

General Jang Song-thaek was targeted by a North Korean firing squad on Kim Jong-un’s orders. The Pyongyang government has confirmed the execution by claiming that Jang Song-thaek was corrupt and was trying to seize power from his nephew.

According to Woodward’s book, Trump said that Kim Jong-un then displayed his uncle’s head for others to see.

Not only was the general executed, his assistants were also executed using anti-aircraft weapons.

Jang Song-thaek took over from North Korea after Kim Jong-un’s father; Kim Jong-il, fell ill before he died in 2011.

During his phone calls with Woodward, some of which were released before the book was sold next week, Trump highly praised the controversial young leader.

And in a letter shown to reporters, most famous for his investigation into the Watergate scandal, Trump asked Kim; “Have you ever done anything other than send rockets into the air?”

“Let’s go to a movie together. Let’s play golf,” Trump continued.

He went on to describe Kim Jong-un’s reluctance to stamp out his nuclear weapons program which Trump described as “someone loves a house and can’t sell it”.

Trump also indicated Woodward liked the letter from Kim Jong-un, in which Kim Jong-un greeted the American president with “Your Excellency” and talked about the time they held hands.

Trump also admitted to Woodward that he knew how deadly and contagious the coronavirus was, but played down it because he didn’t want to cause public panic.

Meanwhile, during a press conference at the White House on Thursday, Trump told reporters; “Woodward is someone I respect”. However, Trump still maintains that Woodward doesn’t know too much about his job.

Asked why he agreed to the Woodward interview, Trump replied; “I did it out of curiosity because I had respect and I wanted to see; I wanted to know if someone like that could write well.”

“I don’t think he can, but let’s see what happens,” he added, as reported by the Daily Mirror, Friday (11/09/2020).


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