Try and Raise True Funds

When someone is assigned to raise funds, their first instinct is to look for something new and different. Even though change is great, sometimes fundraising that is tried and properly works best. That’s why they are tried and true, right?

Whichever fundraiser you choose for your group, consider the amount of time and resources you need to achieve your goals. Ask anyone who has organized a quick and easy fundraiser, and they will tell you there isn’t much quick and easy about it. That’s where the fundraiser that tries and gets right in

Try one of these ideas for your next fundraiser:

Page Sales / Garage Sales
Athlet-A-Thon event
Product sale
Washing car
Fundraising Overlay

Page Sales / Garage Sales
Parents, neighbors, family members all donate their items that are not needed for this purpose. Find a site to hold your sales. One man’s yard or parking lot went well, of course with permission. Advertise cheaply in local newspapers and using leaflets.

Increase your traffic by advertising that this is a multi-family sale. Each family can attend their own table or you can schedule block time for volunteer groups to work. How many volunteers you work for will depend on how many items you collect. At the end of your sale, you will see that, indeed, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

Athlet-A-Thon event
Called by various names, this event not only made money, but also showed the team’s talent! Each team member gets a sponsor to register with a fixed amount or a certain amount that they will pay per round, long-range toss, accurate kicks, whatever talent or group of talents is most suitable for your team.

Your target sponsor can be a local business, a neighbor, a family member and so on. Save money by creating your own appointment form.

Product sale
Fundraising for product sales can vary in duration and complexity.

There are three basic categories of product sales:

Direct sales
Sales brochure
Catalog sales

If simplicity is your goal, make a direct sale, or cash and carry goods. These are usually low-priced items and often involve something that can be eaten. Consider the size of your target audience and order the product accordingly. You don’t want to be stuck with leftovers.

For medium complexity and higher incomes and profits than direct sales, there are one-to-two-page flyers offering products in the same category. This is more complex than cash and brings sales because a second visit to the customer is needed to give the product they are buying.

Promoting more complex product sales is catalog sales. Suppliers offer all types of product catalogs ranging from sweets or seasonal goods to safety equipment and first aid. Because the catalog offers a wider variety, more first sales calls are made. Before choosing which catalogs your team offers, consider who you will sell for. The usual suspects are family members, neighbors, coworkers and local businesses.

Knowing what other regional groups sell or have just sold can help determine what type of product you choose to sell. Imagine trying to sell sweet treats on Girl Scouts cake sales. Knowing your competition can determine your level of success.

Washing car
The most tried and true of all, car washing is the best way to get money. Some advanced planning is involved and getting your volunteers to line up is an important step. Secure a place to wash your car; many gas stations and convenience stores are very approachable to wash cars at their locations. This increases their traffic and brings in more potential customers.

You will need a water source (or two), cleaning supplies, promotional posters, and many car wash machines. Make sure your volunteers hold signs where passing traffic can see them. Waving the car wash sign in a safe location near a busy intersection is functioning properly. You can charge a certain amount per vehicle, or just ask for donations. Often, taking a donation reaps more money than a flat fee per car.

Advantage Tip: Use Overlays
One of the proven and correct fundraising methods can be improved by overlaying fundraising. Make cash and bring product sales or cake sales at yard sales, car wash, or your events. Even though your resources have been collected, take advantage and get as much money as possible at one event. Who knows, you might not need to do a second fundraiser!

For any funding effort, always make sure your team members are safe and monitored. Make sure each team member can tell the group potential customers what they represent and why they are raising money. Everyone must also know what the collective goals are, and the average number of individuals that need to be achieved to achieve that collective goal.

By using proven and true fundraising, you are using proven methods for your team’s fundraising success.