4 Types of Baby Strollers You Need to Know

Windowofworld.com – Currently, there are so many types of baby strollers available. This certainly makes it difficult for you to choose which baby stroller is right for your little one and according to the needs of your family.

There will be a lot of considerations to think about, such as where you live, where you use them, and how much luggage you usually carry. The following are tips for choosing a baby stroller that is safe, comfortable, and right.

Recognize the Types of Baby Stroller

If you want to get the right stroller that suits your needs and wants, the first thing you need to understand is to recognize the types of strollers. The reason is, each type of baby stroller has characteristics and advantages that can meet different needs.

Even so, in general, a standard stroller has a soft seat, has a storage area, and can be folded. Here are the types of strollers that you can consider as needed.

1. Car-seat Stroller

For those of you who often travel by car, it is better if this stroller model is the first choice. The practical design with a frame that can be used as a car seat will make it easier for you to move your little one from the car to the stroller without having to lower it from the car seat and put it on another stroller.

2. Lightweight Stroller

If you often travel long distances, carrying a stroller is often a hassle due to its large size and weight. However, there is a right solution to overcome this by choosing a lightweight stroller. Strollers like this are usually used for families who frequently travel out of town or abroad so they don’t add excessive baggage weight.

3. Jogging Stroller

Do you like sports? Make sure to have a stroller with this particular model to make it easier for you to look after your baby while jogging. By featuring three bicycle wheels on a lightweight frame, this stroller model can provide a smooth path for parents and babies in it.

4. Double or Triple Stroller

A stroller with a double or triple model is recommended for those of you who have twins. In addition, there are also strollers with a tandem model that allows one child to sit behind another. For this one model, the stroller can be useful for siblings who are 1-4 years old.

Criteria for Choosing a Stroller for Babies

When choosing a stroller for a baby, be sure to pay close attention to the following criteria:

1. Safety

Ensure that the frame of the stroller is securely locked into position. Also pay attention to the mechanisms used and how to prevent accidents such as accidental falls while carrying a child.

2. Seat Belt

Security system is a must and essential to note. Make sure the seat belt has a 5 point harness that wraps around your waist, between your legs, and over your shoulders. Check if the hook is risky for easy removal and that it is safe for the child.

3. Convenience

A stroller with an adjustable seat will make it easier for you to position the stroller according to the age of the baby / child in it.

4. Practical to use

Determine if the stroller can be pushed in a straight line and rotate it only one hand. Having wheels that can rotate in front and back will make the stroller easier to use.

5. Brakes

Choose a stroller that has brakes that are easy to operate. Some types of strollers have brakes that can lock two wheels at once so that it can provide extra security. Make sure the stroller brake is not accessible to the child.

6. Height suitability of handle

The handle should be at the waist of the plunger or slightly below. This is important for the comfort of parents pushing the stroller.

7. Canopy / Cover

This cover is used to protect children from exposure to sun, rain and wind. Make sure the cover material is good enough, each leak, does not create heat, and does not close the air circulation.

8. Weight of the stroller

The lighter the stroller, the easier it will be to push and carry on various occasions.

9. Storage

Also check the stroller capacity in storing luggage and baby’s needs during the trip. Usually the storage area is under the chair.

Those are some important things that you should pay attention to when buying a stroller for babies. Even if it is only used for a few years, make sure the types of baby strollers you buy are really beneficial, effectively and efficiently as needed.