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3 Types and Ways to Use Eye Medication


3 Types and Ways to Use Eye Medication

Windowofworld.com – There are at least three types of eye medication that are commonly used, namely antihistamine eye drops and artificial tears, eye wash liquid and eye ointment. Understanding the types of eye medication and how to use them, can help cure from eye disorders experienced.

When you experience eye pain, your doctor may give you eye medicine for you to use independently. However, did you know that each type of eye drug has different functions and procedures for use? It is important to follow the instructions for use so that eye medication can work optimally.

1. Correct use of eye drops

There are eye drops that do not have medicinal properties. These eye drops are only a liquid as a substitute for tears that function to moisturize dry eyes, called artificial tears. In addition to artificial tears (artificial tears), there are several other types of eye drops, which contain certain substances, such as antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, eye decongestants, and antibiotics.

Eye drops usually need to be applied repeatedly. Eye drops will be absorbed through the cornea of ​​the eye and also the conjunctival mucous membranes.


The following recommendations for use:

  1. Wash hands before and after using eye drops.
  2. Shake the packaging.
  3. Gently pull the lower eyelid.
  4. Drop it into the eye according to the dosage indicated on the package.
  5. Close your eyes for 1-2 minutes, and gently press the tear duct section near the nose for
  6. at least one minute to minimize systemic absorption.
  7. If there is excess liquid eye drops and come out of the eye, wipe with a tissue.

2. Using Eye Wash Liquid Properly

This type of eye medicine works as a cleanser or rinse of the eye. You can use this liquid when the eye enters a foreign object. Eye wash available in the form of washing liquid and drops usually contain saline or 0.9% NaCl. It can also contain boric acid combined with sodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide, or sodium borate to maintain proper acidity.

To use saline liquid as an eyewash is fairly easy. As with the use of eye drops in general, you only need to drip 1-2 drops of saline into the eye glaze. After the saline droplets hit the eye, then blink several times so that the saline liquid can clean the eyes of foreign objects that interfere.

In addition to dripping saline from a small bottle, you can also apply another method that is using a small cup container according to the size of your eye area, as a place to clean the eyes. The trick is also easy, pour saline into a cup container until it’s full. Then open your eyes and bring your eyes that are twisted or irritated to the cup containing the saline liquid, then slowly move your eyes in all directions in the saline solution. In this way, saline can also clean foreign matter that pollutes the eyes.

3. Understand How To Use Eye Ointment

Eye ointment that serves to lubricate the eyes you can buy freely. This type of eye medicine is made from ingredients similar to petroleum jelly and not water-based. However, eye ointments generally contain antibiotics, and must be purchased by prescription.

Ointment in the form of ointments can last longer in the eye, so it does not need to be used too often. Not long after use, usually the eyes become blurry. Therefore, it is recommended to use it just before going to bed at night.

How to use eye ointment is as follows:

  1. Take a little ointment.
  2. Pull the lower eyelid, while looking up.
  3. Rub into the eye through the lower eyelid. If it’s difficult, ask someone else to help smear it.
  4. Blink the eyes so that the ointment is evenly distributed.

Do not worry if the use of vision becomes blurry because it will recover when the ointment has permeated.

For those of you who use contact lenses, avoid using eye medication when contact lenses are being worn. We recommend that you remove contact lenses first before you apply eye medication, whatever the type.

It is important to understand how to use eye medication properly to function optimally. If eye disorders do not improve soon, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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