Using a Computer to Record Phone Calls

Using a Computer to Record Phone Calls

Using a Computer to Record Phone Calls

Recording telephone conversations is used to require expensive hardware and special recording equipment. At the lower end, one can use a simple cable to connect a telephone handset with a tape recorder. An office with multiple telephone lines will need an expensive solution that integrates PBX with call recording. PBXpress is a good example of this approach, providing simultaneous recordings of analog and digital telephone conversations (VoIP) that are effective in a variety of channels.

But what if you only need to tap on certain conversations once in a while? Buying expensive hardware is almost ineffective in this regard. Using a tape recorder is always an option, but it doesn’t give you digital convenience, easy-to-use instant navigation and transparent search.

Using a computer to handle recordings is perfect for this purpose. Strangely, you probably already have the equipment needed to immediately start recording telephone conversations. A simple sound modem is the only hardware you need. It’s fully capable and sufficient to record your telephone conversations. Look closely at your modem. If marked “Voice” or “Data / Fax / Voice”, you can use this modem to tap. However, if it is labeled as “Data / Fax” or “Fax Modem”, then it is very likely that your modem does not support the necessary voice features, and therefore will not be able to record.

Having a voice modem is not enough to record calls. You need to call the recording software to complete your modem. The software will control your modem, record and save conversations on your hard disk. In the past, modem manufacturers used to bundle the software with their modems, but this is not happening today. Right now, you are alone if you need software that can record your calls.

Call Corder by Pingram Software is one of these products. The goal is to record telephone conversations, compress them, and save them in a Windows compatible sound file that can be played with Windows Media Player, Winamp, or other music players.

Call Corder supports most modem brands. If it can’t find the right match for your hardware, it defaults to the closest generic device. If you record an incoming call, Call Corder will record the Caller ID information provided by your modem. This usually includes the name and number of the caller. To receive this call information, you must subscribe to the Caller ID service offered by your telephone company. If you don’t have Caller ID, you can always fill in the caller’s data by hand.

Write alerts and memos about conversations when recording or when you are finished. You can easily search for specific calls by typing any words or phrases in the call memo, and Call Corder will automatically display all conversations that contain this information. Of course, you can also search by phone number or caller name.

Try Call Corder for free for 30 days to make sure your modem is compatible! Download your free evaluation copy from


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