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Variety of Soups that are Good for Consumption after Childbirth


Variety of Soups that are Good for Consumption after Childbirth

Windowofworld.com – Several types of soup can help restore the condition of pregnant women after giving birth. Are you curious about the soup? Come on, see the explanation from the doctor!

Recovery is not only experienced by people who are sick. Mothers who have recently given birth, either normally or by caesarean section, also need recovery time.

Various methods are used to make conditions better; ranging from bed rest to eating certain foods.

Talking about food, soup can actually be a solution for the faster recovery of new mothers in labor.

In fact, soup broths usually contain a variety of nutrients that are needed by mothers after giving birth. Some of the nutrients referred to, namely iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid.

This combination can stimulate and replace previously lost red blood cells.

Basically, women need nutrients that are easily digested and assimilated to help balance hormones and increase blood levels in the body.

Instead of foods that are difficult to digest, providing soup for mothers will be much better.

As for soupy and soft foods that are good for consumption after childbirth, including:

1. Tomato Soup

If usually the tomato slice is only a complement to the soup, this time the red fruit is the main star.

Tomato soup added with various spices will taste delicious and refreshing.

These foods are able to deal with oxidative stress and inflammation experienced by new mothers who give birth.

For those of you who like a strong taste, adding basil in this soup is also recommended.

The reason is, basil is a leaf that can help improve mood so that the risk of developing postpartum depression can be reduced.

2. Seaweed Soup

According to South Korean tradition, seaweed soup is able to nourish the body condition of new mothers, as well as increase milk production.

Seaweed soup is rich in calcium to prevent bone loss. This is especially good for women who have given birth because they usually have a higher potential for bone loss.

The iodine in seaweed is also good for the baby’s brain. In fact, these foods are also able to optimize the function of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Another bonus, the iron content in it can prevent anemia.

3. Chicken and Carrot Soup

In Mexican culture, the first 40 days after giving birth are the most important times for a mother. Because, at this time, the reproductive organs will try to recover.

Well, chicken soup with carrots can support the healing process. Protein, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals are all in this easy-to-make food.

If consumed regularly, new mothers will definitely recover quickly and be comfortable for their activities again.

4. Chicken Bone Soup

According to dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini, not only chicken meat is beneficial for mothers. In fact, chicken bone soup is also able to provide benefits that are just as good.

“Chicken bone broth is high in protein, so it can speed up the healing process of postpartum wounds. Chicken bones are also rich in collagen and can repair damaged body tissue, ”explained dr. Dyah Novita.

5. Fish Soup with Green Papaya

Green papaya may be made as a stir fry more often than soup. However, there is nothing wrong with trying this Vietnamese specialty, right? Green papaya is very good for mothers who are giving exclusive breastfeeding, you know!

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition reports that women who ate 650 grams of green papaya had breast milk with higher levels of iron and vitamin A. This is certainly very good for the baby’s growth and development.

6. Pork Vinegar Soup

This postpartum food can be consumed by non-Muslim mothers. High protein intake contained in it is very important to restore damaged tissue after childbirth

Basically, eating foods high in protein can speed up healing of wounds in the vagina and surgical incisions in the abdomen.

This soup is made from stew of pork legs, ginger, and sweet rice vinegar. Since it is not a “light” soup, it is recommended that you do not overeat it.

Now, you already know the kinds of soups that can be used as food after giving birth. Interested in trying it, and want to know the right portion so that the benefits are more pronounced?

You can find out this by consulting further with the nearest doctor.


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