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Visiting Cyprus, Pompeo Is Concerned About Turkey’s Action in the Mediterranean


Visiting Cyprus, Pompeo Is Concerned About Turkey’s Action in the Mediterranean

Windowofworld.com – The United States (US) is deeply concerned about Turkey’s actions in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The US also urged an end to the crisis in the eastern Mediterranean Sea triggered by offshore natural resources diplomatically.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made that statement during a short trip to Cyprus on Saturday evening, where he met President Nicos Anastasiades.

“Countries in the region need to resolve disputes including about security and energy resources and maritime issues diplomatically and peacefully,” Pompeo said.

“Increasing military tensions are helping no one but the enemy who wants to see a split in the transatlantic unity,” he said as quoted by Reuters, Sunday (13/9/2020).

Tensions in the eastern Mediterranean have risen due to mutual claims between Turkey and Greece and Cyprus over a sea area considered rich in natural gas.

Turkey has sent two survey vessels to separate areas in the region. The rally drew strong protests from Cyprus and Greece, which say Ankara operates on the continental shelf of the two countries.

Turkey says it has a legitimate claim to the territory. There is no agreement between Greece and Turkey to limit their continental shelf, while Turkey denies any claim by Cyprus, which has no diplomatic ties.

“We remain deeply concerned about Turkey’s ongoing operation. The Republic of Cyprus has the right to exploit its natural resources including the rights to hydrocarbons found in its exclusive economic zone,” Pompeo said.

The eastern Mediterranean island was torn apart during the Turkish invasion in 1974 which was sparked by a brief Greek-inspired coup. The internationally recognized government of Greek Cypriot represents all the islands of the European Union, although its authority is effectively contained in the south. Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized Turkish Cypriot state recognized only by Ankara.

Earlier this month the United States said it would lift a 33-year embargo on a non-lethal defense article implemented in Cyprus in 1987 and deepen its security cooperation with Nicosia, angering Turkey.


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