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5 Tips on Waking Children in the Morning

5 Tips on Waking Children in the Morning

Windowofworld.com – Waking children in the morning can indeed be moments that test patience. Maybe Mother has done everything possible, but nothing works to wake Little to get ready for school. Well, so that the Little One is accustomed to getting up early, Mother can apply the tips below.

Difficulty getting up in the morning is very common in school-age children. The reason could be because they are still sleepy or they are not accustomed to getting up early.

Tips for Awakening Children in the Morning

Mother may already feel frustrated because Little One is very difficult to wake up every morning, especially if you have a busy schedule in the morning. Actually, the schedule to get up in the morning can be used, you know, Bun. Little can even wake up alone without the help of the Mother.

So that the Little One is accustomed to getting up in the morning, do the tips below:

1. Discipline sleep time every day

Mothers should know that the sleep needs of children vary, depending on age. Little also must get enough quality sleep, because lack of sleep can affect his performance at school. Here are the sleep needs of children by age:


  • Age 3-5 years: 10-13 hours
  • Ages 5-13 years: 9-11 hours
  • Age above 13 years: 8-10 hours

Well, so that your child is easily awakened in the morning, apply healthy habits before going to bed and encourage him to sleep early. If you need 10 hours of sleep, you can take him to bed at 8 pm and wake him up at 6 in the morning. This schedule must be applied every day, even if it is a holiday, until Little One is accustomed.

2. Teach children to set their own alarms

When you teach Little how to set your own alarm, Mother also educates Little to learn to be responsible for time. That way, Little does not need to always depend on the Mother to get up early.

Previously, make sure Little One understands and agrees about what time he must get up and the reasons. Mother can discuss with Little about how long he needs to sleep and how much time he needs to get ready before leaving for school without being late.

After that, Mother can teach her to set an alarm according to the agreed time together. If necessary, you can buy your little one an alarm clock with a model and his favorite color. This can make him more excited to get up in the morning.

3. Wake the Little One in a fun way

It is important for Mother to wake the Little One in fun ways. Avoid shouting, scolding, or pulling the blanket roughly when you wake him up. This can actually make your little one do not like getting up early.

When waking Little, turn on the room lights or open the window curtains until the sun comes in. After that, sit on the edge of his bed and call his name in an ordinary voice. Carefully slow his back so that he doesn’t suddenly feel disturbed.

Do this several times and be patient if your child has not responded. Try Mother has started to wake your little one 15-30 minutes before the schedule of waking up, so he does not rush to get up and still be able to relax a little before it’s bath time.

4. Apply the same sleep schedule during holidays

If Mother has set a regular sleep schedule for children on school days, this rule should also continue to be applied on days when he is not in school or during long holidays. Do not let the child sleep until 10 am, so that he is not difficult to wake up when the holidays are over.

5. Teach your child about the consequences

Little must understand about the consequences that he must accept if he woke up late. When he tells a scolding by his teacher because he arrived late at school, respond with a reaction that shows that it is natural and actually will not happen if he woke up earlier.

If you wake up late making him miss the pickup car, tell him to go to school on foot or by himself. However, make sure the environment to be passed is safe from a variety of dangers, Bun. To be safe, Mother can take your child while walking to school.

Things like this can make Little deterrent and motivated to not come late to school, so that the next day he will not be difficult to wake up again.

Waking children in the morning sometimes is not easy. Mother must remain patient, yes. Little One can really be taught to get used to getting up early, but this certainly takes time.

If you find your child difficult to get up because at night he had difficulty sleeping, especially if accompanied by signs of stress, you should consult this doctor.

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