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Ways and Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair


Ways and Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair

Apart from making the intimate area cleaner, there are a variety of other benefits that you can get from shaving your pubic hair. But, don’t do it carelessly. Know in advance the benefits of shaving your pubic hair and how to do it safely through the following description.

Cleanliness is the main reason someone shaves pubic hair. However, if you shave your pubic hair the wrong way, instead of being clean, a number of problems arise in your intimate area.

Various Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair
In addition to making the intimate area cleaner, it turns out there are several other benefits that you can get by shaving your pubic hair, namely:

Increase sexual sensation
Some women think that shaving their pubic hair can increase sensation during sex. However, there are no specific studies that discuss the relationship between the two, so this has not been confirmed and is not necessarily felt by all women.


A lovely couple
A study shows that shaving pubic hair can please a partner. This is often associated with increased arousal during intercourse when pubic hair is shaved.

Increase self-confidence
Another benefit of shaving pubic hair is increased confidence and comfort when having sex.

Two methods for shaving pubic hair
You will feel the maximum benefit from shaving your pubic hair if done with the correct method. Two methods often used in cleaning pubic hair are:

Shaving is a way to get rid of pubic hair with a razor or razor. Although you can do it yourself, you are advised to be careful when shaving. Here are tips for shaving pubic hair with a safe shaving method:

When shaving, follow the direction of hair growth and do not shave in the opposite direction.
Try using a shaving cream to help protect sensitive skin.
Shave slowly and carefully.
Change the razor regularly.
Waxing is a technique for removing or pulling out pubic hair. Although it can be done alone at home, waxing must be done by a therapist who has been trained to do it. You can get this treatment at a beauty salon or clinic.

If you want to do it yourself, do the following steps:

Select the liquid candle (wax) that has been registered at BPOM.
Apply the waxy liquid to the area of ​​pubic hair that will be removed.
Stick strips or special coatings for waxing, then press until they are attached to the feathers
Wait a few minutes, then pull the strip until the pubic hair is pulled out.
The results of removing pubic hair by waxing will last longer than with a shaver, because pubic hair is pulled to the roots. Even so, pubic hair will still grow back after some time.

To get permanent results, you can remove pubic hair with a laser or IPL (intense pulse light). If you want to try this method, you can consult a dermatologist or a beauty doctor.

Shaving pubic hair and waxing is generally safe to do alone at home. However, both of these methods still have risks, including irritation or infection of the skin, pimples, and hair growth.

Shave your pubic hair regularly to get various benefits. But, do it carefully and keep the intimate area clean properly. If you experience certain complaints after shaving your pubic hair, ask your doctor to get treatment.

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