Wedding Movie Madness

I love nothing more than spending an afternoon or evening watching my favorite wedding movies. It may not be my fiances favorite pastime, but he is generally a good sport about it. He does not recognize it, but he can pick up certain scenes from my best friend’s wedding from the top of his head. A few excellent wedding movies have been released in recent years, and that is my favorite.

Meet the parents became one of my all-time faves. It was released in 2000 and stars the ever-funny Ben Stiller. The starting point is typical of many wedding movies; A nervous young man is introduced to his future in-law parents. What makes this movie so exciting is the role of prospective father in law, played by Robert DeNiro. The dynamics that play between Stiller and DeNiro are unforgettable. Oh, the cheerful of everything!

Meet the Fockers is a sequel to the above, and was released in 2004. This time we have the pleasure of meeting the characters of Ben Stiller’s character, Greg Focker. His parents are played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand, who both deliver unforgettable roles. They stand in stark contrast with the bride’s parents from the previous film. While the bride’s parents are somewhat conservative and stuffy, the groom’s parents are a new year’s left. These two films became my favorite wedding films. Sooo funny!

The Corpse Bride is another very entertaining movie with a wedding theme. This animated masterpiece was released in 2005 for critical award. It is striking in the way all Tim Burton movies are, and it has been my favorite stars who did voice overwork. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter play the main roles. The starting point is as follows: A young man struggles with his lines during his wedding rehearsal. He descends into the woods to practice alone. He nails his lines perfectly, and puts the ring on a fallen tree branch so he thinks. It appears that the fallen tree branch was actually the apostate finger of the Corpse Bride, who rose from the dead and claimed to be his legal bride. Even your boyfriend will love it!