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What is Blu-Ray DVD?

What is Blu-Ray DVD?

Video technology has significantly improved over the past few years, and continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Aka Digital Video Discs aka DVD is the last big leap in consumer video technology that everyone knows. To compensate for the increasingly advanced electronic world, a new video storage format will soon be released called Blu-ray.

Blu-Ray is the next generation optical disc that will blow up socks from what we all know today: DVDs. Conventional DVDs use red lasers that have a long wavelength, which limits the storage capacity on the disk. Blu-Ray uses a blue laser that has a much shorter wavelength. Because the wavelengths on Blu-Ray are much smaller, they can focus on places with much higher accuracy, allowing data to be packed much tighter than a red laser DVD.

Blu-Ray discs can store up to 50GB of information which is 10 times that of a 4.5GB DVD. 10 times the storage will greatly increase the amount of information we can store on one disk and will change the way we store information. Blu-Ray Dual Layer Disks will be able to hold up to 4 hours of High Definition Video. High Definition video will be very popular here, Blu-Ray is an example of technology that will make it happen. 50GB might be proportional to the size of many of our hard-drives, and to imagine having all that information on a small disk that we can slide into our pockets and carry wherever we want is rather daunting.

Hoping to see Blu-Ray replace DVDs and VCRs over the next few years, along with the transition from video to High Definition Video. Video isn’t the only thing that would benefit from Blu-Ray technology; I hope it will also become a standard for PCs and other types of storage.

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