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What is the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness?

What is the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness? – You will often hear the term eyes are a window to the world. The eye is a valuable organ that enables us to look around and interact with people. Therefore, people want to maintain eye health in order to avoid disorders such as farsightedness. Nearsightedness is a condition when a person has difficulty seeing objects that are near but does not have problems seeing objects that are far away. Nearsightedness is often confused with nearsightedness.

The difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness

Nearsightedness can be experienced by all ages, while nearsightedness affects people aged 40 years and over.

The disorders experienced by people with nearsightedness can get worse until they are 65 years old. Oldsightedness is something that occurs naturally and is due to age.

People with farsightedness usually need to squint to be able to see objects nearby. Children with less severe farsightedness may squint their eyes to be able to see closer objects more clearly.

However, when the patient is older, the muscles and lens of the eye will find it more difficult to focus the vision by squinting.

Farsighted people who are not too severe also have less difficulty in focusing on objects that are far and near, in contrast to people with nearsightedness who have difficulty doing this.

People with nearsightedness also have difficulty seeing things up close, such as reading words, sentences, and so on.

The equations of nearsightedness and farsightedness

Nearsightedness (Presbyopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) have the same effect on the eye, namely difficulty seeing objects that are close. In addition to difficulty seeing close objects, farsightedness and farsightedness can make sufferers experience pain in the eyes and head.
Sufferers can also feel tired from trying to focus their vision on near objects.

Causes of nearsightedness

The cause of farsightedness is due to the cornea or lens of the eye that is not flat or smooth. The result of uneven cornea or lens is irregular bending of light onto the retina.

The cornea and lens in the eye have a function to bend light onto the retina so that the object being seen can focus on a single point on the retina. However, the irregular bending of light onto the retina prevents light from focusing completely on the retina.

Farsightedness examination

An eye exam can help detect farsightedness. The doctor will drip fluid to widen the eye so that the inner eye is easier to examine. The doctor will use a variety of tools and lenses used to examine your eye.

Farsightedness treatment

Farsightedness treatment aims to anticipate the eye that has difficulty focusing at close range. Farsightedness management can be done with the use of special glasses or contact lenses. Another alternative is to undergo eye surgery, such as:

Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK), a surgery that uses a laser to reshape the outside of the cornea and replace the outer protective portion of the cornea.
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), surgery not only reshapes the cornea but also removes the outer protective portion of the cornea and does not replace the outer protective covering of the cornea.
Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK), surgery uses a laser to repair the curvature of the cornea of ​​the eye.

When to see a doctor?

If you find it difficult to see close objects and feel disturbed by the problem, immediately consult a doctor so that proper examination and treatment can be done.

Even if you don’t have any visual problems, it’s a good idea to have regular eye exams. Sometimes you may not realize that you have eye problems.

You will need to have an eye exam when you are 40 years old. At the age of 40-54 years, get an eye exam every two to four years. Meanwhile, at the age of 55-64 years, you need to have your eyes checked every one to three years.

If you are over 65 years of age, you will need to have your eyes checked every one to two years.

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