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What is WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business?

What is WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business?

Windowofworld.com – The world is getting crazy, this is marked by the rapid growth of technology. One of them is in messaging or chatting problems such as WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and many others. But in this super modern and all-digital era there are still many of us who do not yet understand about applications or technologies such as WhatsApp. On this occasion we will briefly explain what WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business are.

But before moving on to the subject of WhatsApp, allow us to write a few words about developments that are very advanced now. Everyone is very impressed with the growth of electronics such as computers and gadgets, this shows that the world has changed greatly from a long time. Hopefully with this article we will be able to help you further understand about the development of the world, especially in the field of technology. Well, let’s discuss one by one what is WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business.


What is WhatsApp?


As we mentioned above, there are a lot of technologies today, especially in the world of messaging. Not only that, in the field of social media is also growing very fast, such as Facebook, line, Pinterest and many others. But on this occasion let us discuss what is WhatsApp and how it functions in daily life.


what is whatsapp

The first is what WhatsApp really is. WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for smartphones, when viewed from its function WhatsApp is almost the same as the SMS application that you normally use on older mobile phones. But WhatsApp does not use pulses, but rather internet data. So, in this application, you don’t need to worry about the length of the characters. There are no restrictions, as long as your internet data is sufficient.
Although it is an instant messaging application, there is something unique from WhatsApp. So, the system for contact recognition, verification and delivery of messages is still done through a mobile number that has been registered first. This method is different from BBM which uses a PIN, or LINE which in addition to the mobile number also supports e-mail and username.

History Of WhatsApp

History Of WhatsApp

Based on sources taken from WikiPedia, WhatsApp was founded on February 24, 2009, meaning that WhatsApp is now at the age of six. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who had worked as Yahoo employees. With the savings of $ 400,000 earned while working there, Koum visited his friend, Alex Fishman to discuss the App Store, which was only 7 months old at the time, Koum felt that the store had potential. Fishman then helped Koum find an iPhone application developer named Igor Solomennikov from Russia.

But even though WhatsApp Inc. has been established, the WhatsApp application itself is far from being sorted out. In several experiments, WhatsApp crashed and failed to run as expected. Desperate, Koum intends to close his company and find another job. But Brian Acton pushed him to stay a few more months. Finally, after going through a fairly long beta phase, in November 2009, WhatsApp officially began its work on the App Store. Previously, Koum had persuaded Acton and five former employees of Yahoo! others to invest. After visiting the App Store, in January 2010 WhatsApp wandered to the BlackBerry Store and followed by Android in August.

Although the status has been changed from free to paid, WhatsApp’s popularity has continued to accelerate rapidly on almost all platforms. As of February 2013 WhatsApp active users exploded at 200 million. This number doubled in December and rose again to 500 million in April 2014. And as of September 2015, WhatsApp active users were recorded at 900 million.

The rapid growth is what makes Facebook crazy about WhatsApp. Tit for tat, WhatsApp Inc. received a proposal for Facebook with a dowry of $ 19 billion. After changing the flag, Facebook did not make many changes to WhatsApp, it still has a price tag per year and no ads. Not as many people fear.

WhatsApp Featured

WhatsApp Featured

WhatsApp Has a lot of excellent features that it carries. What are these features, following excellent features from WhatsApp;

  • Send text messages
  • Send photos from the gallery or from the camera
  • Sending video
  • Send office files or others
  • Voice calls, including sending your voice messages that the recipient can hear at any time.
  • Share location using GPS
  • Send contact cards
  • WhatsApp also supports several emojis, but for stickers, WhatsApp is minimalist. Unlike LINE, who is more keen to develop it.
  • On WhatsApp, users can also set up their own profile panel, consisting of name, photo, status and some privacy settings tools to protect profiles and also help tools to back up messages, change account numbers and make payments. Ah yes, WhatsApp will become a paid application after a year of use, it only costs Rp 12,000 per year. You can also help a friend by paying the subscription fee on his behalf.

Where to  Download WhatsApp?

Where to  Download WhatsApp?

WhatsApp you can download on the Play Store application. On every newest android smartphone by default there is a store application called Play Store. You can find WhatsApp in the store application. Or for iOS users can download it in the App Store application. WhatsApp is also available for Nokia S40, S60, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. You can get more information on the official WhatsApp site.


What is WhatsApp Web?

What is WhatsApp Web?
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After knowing what WhatsApp is, we will now discuss further about WhatsApp Web or WA Web. Basically WhatsApp Application is the same as WhatsApp Web or WA Web, the difference is only in its use. But maybe some of them can’t understand what WhatsApp Web or WA Web is, so let’s discuss in more detail about WhatsApp Web or WA Web and how to use it. Please can you read the article below for more details.


WhatsApp Web

Simply put, understanding Whatsapp web is a website page that is provided specifically for Whatsapp application users to be able to chat through a desktop or laptop computer.

Basically WA Web display on a desktop computer is exactly the same as on a smartphone. The advantages of Whatsapp chatting with a desktop / laptop computer are the larger monitor screen size, as well as the ease of typing text and sending files.
We don’t need to install additional applications on the computer, just use the browser application on your computer. My advice, use the fastest browser application so that chat activities more smoothly. For example; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Terms of Using WA Web

Terms of Using WA Web

Before you can use Whatsapp web services, you must meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Your smartphone uses Android OS, iOS 8.1+, Windows
  • Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Blackberry 10.
  • Your smartphone must have a back camera that functions properly for the process of scanning a QR code.
  • You already have an active Whatsapp account on your smartphone.
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable, be it on a computer / laptop or smartphone.
  • Your computer / laptop uses a fast and up-to-date browser application. For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others.

In order to use Whatsapp web services smoothly, the five conditions must be met. If one of the conditions is not met then you cannot use WA web.

How to access WhatsApp Web

To use Whatsapp web on a PC or laptop, you must first synchronize between Whatsapp on your smartphone and Whatsapp web. It’s not difficult, just do the following easy steps:

1. Open the https://web.whatsapp.com site in the browser on your computer. Later you will see a QR Code like this;

How to access WhatsApp Web

2. Open the Whatsapp application on your smartphone. For Android users, then tap the dot at the top right of Whatsapp on your smartphone.

How to access WhatsApp Web

3. Next will appear a drop down, then tap on the WhatsApp Web section. See the following picture;

How to access WhatsApp Web

4. You will be directed to the confirmation page, then tap on OK, GOT IT looks like this;

How to access WhatsApp Web

5. The last step, please scan the QR Code that is visible on the computer monitor by using Whatsapp on your smartphone. At this step your Whatsapp is connected to WA web and ready to use.

How to access WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web / WA Web Features

Basically the way to use Whatsapp Web is the same as when we use the Whatsapp application on a smartphone. However, unfortunately there are Whatsapp features that cannot be used on WA web, namely; video call and voice call.

Some other Whatsapp features that you can use on the Whatsapp web include:

  • Chatting, the way is very easy like using Whatsapp Web on a smartphone. Search for a friend’s name through the search feature on WhatsApp, or point the computer cursor to the last conversation with someone else.
  • Voice Recording, same as when we record voice through Whatsapp on a smartphone. Click the microphone button on the bottom right, a pop up window will appear to confirm.
    Click the Allow button, then click the Ok button, I Got It. Furthermore, the voice recording feature can be directly used on Whatsapp Web.
  • Sending Files, via Whatsapp web, we can also send files in the form of images, videos, documents and contacts. Click the button shaped like a paperclip, select the type of file to be sent, select the file, then send.

Log out from Whatsapp Web

Every time you finish using WA web you should be sure to leave so that conversations on Whatsapp are not read by others. The way to log out from Whatsapp web is very easy, namely;

  1. Open the whatsApp application on your smartphone, tap the three dot at the top right.
  2. Then tap WhatsApp Web
  3. Then tap Exit all computers or Logout from all devices. A confirmation pop up will appear, then tap Log Out.
Logout from WhatsApp Web


What is WhatsApp Business?

What is WhatsApp Business

Continue to the last material, WhatsApp Business. For you business people especially those of you who sell online and use WhatsApp to interact with your customers, this WhatsApp Business feature is perfect for you to use. So what are the benefits of WhatsApp Business ?, Okay, please, you can directly refer to the tutorial below.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free application that you can download at Play Store and Apple Store. This application is not much different from ordinary WhatsApp, there are only a few different features in this application. As the name implies, WhatsApp Business has many features that are intended for business.

The Difference between WhatsApp Business and Ordinary WhatsApp / Messenger

WhatsApp Business

Next we will explain in more detail to you what is the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Ordinary / Messenger;

1. Differences in the WhatsApp Business logo use the capital letter “B” with a green background typical of WhatsApp. This logo is different from WhatsApp Messenger, which is famous for the phone picture logos.

2. Can use and add home or office telephone numbers Unlike WhatsApp Messenger that uses a mobile number, WhatsApp Business can use and add home or office telephone numbers even though it is legal to use a mobile number. But WhatsApp advises against changing mobile numbers and assigning one permanent mobile number. Using WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same device is possible, but you have to use a different number for each of these applications.

3. Can reply to messages automatically This feature allows business people to set automatic replies if they get the same question from consumers. This setting can also be used to send automated messages to welcome new customers. This feature is certainly not found on WhatsApp Messenger, which aims to be personal.

4. View statistics of messages sent and received With this feature, business people can view statistics of messages sent and messages received. Of course this feature is not found in WhatsApp Messenger where often, users actually hide information if the message has been read. Also read: What’s the Difference between Last Seen and Online Status on WhatsApp?

5. Can choose business categories In addition to informing company profiles, such as operating hours, official sites, and locations, businesses can also choose available business categories. Not only big companies, WhatsApp Business is also open for SMEs and other small businesses. If the business category is not in the available options, you can choose the “Others” category.

6. Check Green Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, which does not have a verification process, WhatsApp Business will verify the business account. Unlike the blue check badge on a verified account on Instagram or Twitter, accounts that have been verified by WhatsApp Business will be given a green check. “If you see a green badge next to the contact’s name, that means WhatsApp has verified that the number is really the company’s property,” WhatsApp explained on the company’s official website blog.

7. Categorizing incoming messages using “Labels” This feature is a new feature that was not previously available in beta. With “Labels”, business people can categorize certain incoming messages so that communication with consumers is more organized.

How to download WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business

Downloading WhatsApp Business is not difficult, it’s like you download other applications. But there are some things you should pay attention to before downloading WhatsApp Business, see the article below.

Before downloading the application, please note the following:

  • If you have an existing WhatsApp Messenger account, you will have the option to move chat history to your new WhatsApp Business account. We recommend that you do a manual backup before continuing.
  • Your chat history cannot be transferred back to WhatsApp Messenger if you decide to stop using WhatsApp Business.
  • You can use both applications, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger. However, each application must link to its own telephone number. It is not possible to have one phone number linked to both applications simultaneously.
  • This application is currently being released worldwide. If this app isn’t available now, please check the Google Play Store again later.


  • Download WhatsApp Business from the Google Play Store.
  • Verify your business telephone number, which you want to use to communicate with your customers.
  • Restore chat history, if you wish.
  • Set your business name.
  • Create your business profile. Tap Menu Button> Settings> Business settings> Profile.

How to use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business

Using WhatsApp Business is not difficult, but for some people who don’t understand it might seem difficult. Here we will base on how to use WhatsApp Business.

-Register for a WhatsApp Business Account

Like the personal version, WhatsApp Business also needs an active mobile number. As a note, that WhatsApp Business cannot use numbers that have already been or are being used on standard WhatsApp. So, if you want to use the same number, you have to choose one, stay in the standard version or switch to the business version.

  1. The first step, first download the WhatsApp Business application from Play Store.

2. Once installed, run the application as usual and tap Agree and Continue to proceed to the next stage. When the popup window appears, tap Continue and tap Allow several times.

Create Account WhatsApp Business
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3. Next, enter the mobile number you want to use.

4. Typically, the system will automatically recognize the verification code sent via a short message. But if you are still asked, please open the SMS message sent, then type the verification code contained in the message.

Create Account WhatsApp Business
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5. The next stage, fill in your business name, make sure it is filled in correctly because this name will not be changed later on. And finished, your WhatsApp Business account has been successfully created, you can immediately use it to interact with consumers.

Create Account WhatsApp Business
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-Change WhatsApp Business Profile

Business profiles, such as addresses, business categories, opening hours and web addresses can be changed and added by accessing the Settings menu – Business Settings.

Change WhatsApp Business Profile
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As mentioned just now, in these settings you can complete company data such as office or store locations, categories, photos, descriptions and also websites. If all data is filled in correctly, tap the Save button at the top right to save changes

Change WhatsApp Business Profile
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-See Message Statistics

A statistics panel has been prepared to hold this information, information about how many messages you have received and sent to customers. The trick, still in the Settings menu, tap the Statistics menu.

-See Message Statistics
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– Make Away Message

Away Message is usually used to help business people stay connected to consumers when they are not at the place or the service is closing. This feature will provide an automatic response when a customer sends a message.

Tap the Settings menu – Business Settings – Away Message, then check to activate this feature, and edit the default messages that already exist, please use your version of the sentence. When finished, tap Save to save the changes.

Make Away Message WhatsApp Business
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– Create a Greeting Message

Greeting Message also helps business managers to establish better communication with consumers. This feature will be sent automatically to customers who contact you after 14 days without communication.

  1. To activate this feature, open the Settings menu – Business Settings – Greeting Message.
Create a Greeting Message WhatsApp Business
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2. Position the button to On, then edit the greeting that you think is most friendly and makes customers feel respected. Don’t forget to tap the Save button to save changes.

– How to Make Quick Answers (Quick Replies)?

Next, on WhatsApp Business you can also make quick answers that are triggered with certain keywords. This way, you can save time by not having to type in one or two full sentences from the beginning.

1. How, open the Settings menu – Business Settings – Quick Replies.

2. The default is that there is one quick replies that has been made, namely / thanks that contains a thank you. You can add another quick replies, we example quick replies for apologies. Tap the plus icon at the bottom right, then type the most polite apology message, and also the shortcut of your choice. Finally tap the Save button. Furthermore, every time you type in the keyword / sorry, the application will automatically send a full version apology message that you typed previously.

How to Make Quick Answers (Quick Replies) whatsapp business
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– Activate the Encryption Feature

By default, messages and calls on WhatsApp Business are protected by end-to-end encryption procedures. But with one additional step, you can find out the code changes from the contact who contacted you.

Activate the Encryption Feature whatsapp business
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– Activating Two-step Verification

1. WhatsApp Business also implements a two-step security system if desired. The trick, open the Settings menu – Account – Two-step Verification.

2. Next, tap Enable then enter the 6 digit random number which will be used as the verification PIN. Repeat the same code when prompted.

Activating Two-step Verification whatsapp business
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3. Tap Next and this time enter your email address twice too, and you’re done. Tap Done, then a new panel will appear where you can deactivate this feature to change your PIN or email.

Activating Two-step Verification whatsapp business
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Thus the article about WhatsApp from us, Hopefully it can be useful for you and add insight to all of you. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can also find out more about the WhatsApp application and its features, which are still unknown. Thank you for visiting and participating, Have a nice day.


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