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Why Do Some Believe Mystical Things? This says the psychologist


Why Do Some Believe Mystical Things? This says the psychologist

Windowofworld.com – The mystique always presents controversial stories; some believe and not. Then, what makes people believe mystical? Check out facts from psychologists!

Recently, the Indonesian people were shocked by a mystical incident in Sawangan, Depok, West Java. It is said that local residents caught the figure of a ngepet pig, which is thought to be an incarnation of a human.

Suddenly it went viral, not a few netizens flocked to find out the news.

Shortly after that, the Indonesian Ministry of Religion immediately spoke up to emphasize that the issue of hogs in Sawangan, Depok, West Java was a hoax.

Well, the question in this case; why do so many people believe in mystical things so easily?

Is this related to a psychological state? Come on, find out!

Believe Mystical, What Do Psychologists Say?

Launching from LiveScience, some people have the belief that supernatural or mystical things are events that are related to human life.

Science writer Matthew Hutson says that what underlies all forms of mystical thinking in a person is the feeling that everything happens for a reason.

Adding to the explanation, Ikhsan Bella Persada, M.Psi, a psychologist said that one of the other things that makes someone believe mystical is due to the influence of values ​​and cultural factors.

“It could also be because there is a factor of experience, for example from a family there is a story about the experience of eating pigs. The individual is reminded that what is currently happening really exists, “said Ikhsan.

This case example proves that children under five generally live in imaginations created by their parents.

This imagination can come from a fairy tale read at bedtime; or other stories, such as a tooth fairy or superhero.

Toddlers who hear this will easily believe it, because they don’t have logical thinking.

However, entering the age of 10, children will begin to ask questions about how superheroes fly, whether there are superheroes, and so on.

If in the process parents can lead to logical answers, then the children will think so too.

He will believe that the mystical or imaginary things he heard as a child are just a myth whose purpose is to entertain.

If parents cannot logically answer children’s questions about things they heard from fairy tales as a child, they may continue to believe mystical things into adulthood.

It does not stop there, according to Ikhsan, belief in mystical things can also occur because the person has a less critical thinking process.

So, when they receive less logical information, they will immediately believe it without finding out further.

“People who believe in the mystical or occult things (ghost stories) usually have curiosity about things that they feel have no answers, so they need direct evidence of this,” continued Ikhsan.

For example, in the case of a squeezed pig. Not a few people flocked to just see this incident.

People who do not have logical thinking and are not looking for valid information will easily believe this.

Too Believing in Mystical Things, Should You Go to a Psychologist?

Ikhsan explained, there is nothing wrong if there are people who believe in mystical. Provided, don’t let the belief make mistakes or spread things that are not good to yourself or the surrounding environment.

If you have a problem with mystical beliefs that you cannot control or even tend to harm yourself, you should immediately seek professional help to find a solution.

Have a mental health question? Want to know more about other medical facts?

You can ask your doctor or psychologist questions.


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